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The development of the four major electric valves tends to be universal

by:Sino Valves     2021-11-09
Market competition has brought about fierce competition in my country's electric valves. The development trend of butterfly valve manufacturers in the future is the focus of attention of the industry. Market analysts believe that the development trend of the four major electric valves will be the main topic of the market for quite some time. Engineering energy-saving electric valve development series develop large, small and new series products, such as small valves, large valves and crawler high-drive valves; develop variable speed products, such as wetland type, ultra-wetland type, desert type, bush type, high temperature and high pressure type , Low-temperature and low-pressure valves as well as heavy-duty valves and light-duty valves; develop multi-functional and multi-purpose products to achieve one valve with multiple functions, high efficiency and energy saving. Promising products are: large valves, electromechanical integrated wheel-type electric control valves, high-power crawler electric gate valves, new crawler electric ball valve series, and small electric butterfly valves. Hydraulic control valve One-valve multi-purpose control valve is composed of two main assemblies: valve body assembly and actuator assembly (or actuator system), divided into four series: single-seat series control valve, double-seat series control valve , Sleeve series control valve and self-operated series control valve. Variations of the four types of electric valves can lead to many different applicable structures. Each structure has its own special applications, characteristics, advantages and disadvantages. Although some control valves have wider application conditions than other valves, control valves cannot be suitable for all operating conditions to jointly build the best solution to enhance performance and reduce costs. Develop hydraulic control valves with excellent performance, such as hydraulic control valves with large discharge, high sensitivity, corrosion resistance, friction resistance, zero leakage, and development of integrated technology, electronic computer technology, and high-level monitoring technology hydraulic control valves, and development operations Products with good reliability, high safety and good comfort. Intelligent electric control valve aims at remote control to develop high-performance large-scale electric control valves to meet the needs of major engineering projects in my country, develop miniature control valves to meet the needs of narrow and small operations such as trenching and burying cables, and develop suitable for power stations, New varieties of regulating valves required for petroleum, coal, water conservancy, farmland, and urban construction; development of intelligent electric regulating valves that can monitor, control and improve the working conditions of operators for various working conditions of regulating valves. Promising products are: large and medium-sized intelligent electric control valves, miniature intelligent electric control valves, and remote-control intelligent electric control valves. Electric valves are moving towards generalization. The development of high-level products with high safety, high reliability and good performance, development of large-scale electric valves equipped with advanced electronic technology and valve integration, and development of deformed products in the direction of generalization, standardization and serialization. .
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