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The development prospect of electric flanged globe valve is considerable

by:Sino Valves     2021-03-09
The prospects for the development of electric flanged globe valves are impressive. Since this year, my country's national economy has shown steady growth and steady development. The electric flanged globe valves have also developed rapidly in the industry, which is mainly guided by policies. Under the rapid development, the main electric flange globe valve equipment manufacturing enterprises have been technologically transformed, and the manufacturing capacity and manufacturing level have been improved. It has broad development prospects in the future and extremely broad application prospects. With the continuous deepening of reform and opening up and the continuous strengthening of information exchanges at home and abroad, people in the industry pay full attention to the dynamics of technological development, broaden their thinking, and enhance consensus. The development zone starts with the planning and layout of the electric flange shut-off valve point, and combines its own conditions. With domestic and foreign technological advantages, this project will be built at all costs and resources to meet the needs of sustainable economic development in the development zone.   The excessive growth of the “two highs” industries will increase the pressure on energy conservation and emission reduction and exacerbate the contradiction of overcapacity. Under the dual constraints of overcapacity and energy conservation and emission reduction, industrial economic growth with traditional heavy industries as the protagonist may not be sustainable. In this sense, the main direction of structural adjustment and the main task of resolving excess capacity should not be ignored because the growth of heavy industries such as steel, chemical, cement, and non-ferrous industries played a major role in the recovery of industrial growth. Instead, we should face the pressure of transformation and gradually improve The driving model of the industrial economy, adhere to a new road of industrialization. From January to November 2012, China's electric flange globe valve and cock manufacturing industry achieved a cumulative total industrial output of 84,288,398 thousand yuan, an increase of 31.47% over the same period of the previous year; realized a cumulative product sales revenue of 80,571,055 thousand yuan, an increase over the same period of the previous year The total accumulated profit was RMB 5,772,097,000, an increase of 44.16% over the same period of the previous year. From January to August 2013, China's electric flange globe valve and cock manufacturing industry achieved a total industrial output value of 73,321,603,000 yuan, an increase of 27.02% over the same period of the previous year; realized a cumulative product sales income of 70,451,147,000 yuan, an increase of 27.27 over the same period of the previous year. %; To achieve a total cumulative profit of 4,470,009,000 yuan, an increase of 15.37% over the same period last year.   After years of development, the number of electric flanged globe valve companies in China ranks first in the world, and there are about 6,000 electric flange globe valve companies of various sizes. As a fluid conveying component, the electric flange globe valve has developed rapidly in recent years with the growth of the national economy. During the 'Eleventh Five-Year Plan' and the next few years, China's petrochemical, natural gas, metallurgical, power, and urban construction industries will have a large demand for electric flanged globe valves. The total demand for flanged globe valves will reach 34.5 billion yuan. Therefore, the electric flange globe valve industry has huge market development space.  Under the expectation of the overall improvement of the macro economy, the demand for electric flanged globe valves will also be boosted. In 2013, the performance of national fixed asset investment and exports were good, and the consumption of urban and rural residents derived from this also increased significantly. Therefore, in 2014, China's electric flange globe valve may get rid of the downturn and get a greater boost. In fact, this trend has begun in the second half of this year. After the second half of 2013, China's Electric Flange Globe Valve Purchasing Manager Index (PMI) continued to rise strongly, which also indicates that the situation of China's electric flange globe valves in 2014 will be obvious. Better than this year. Electric flanged globe valves have always been an important consumption area of u200bu200bsteel. The situation of China's manufacturing industry has improved significantly in the new year, which is bound to increase domestic market demand and promote industrial upgrading.
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