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The development trend of electric valve sealing technology

by:Sino Valves     2021-03-12
Speaking of electric valves, everyone knows that there are many types of electric valves, but the basic function is the same, that is, to connect or cut off the medium flow. Therefore, the sealing problem of the valve is very prominent. To ensure that the electric valve can well cut off the flow of the medium without leakage, it is necessary to ensure that the electric valve is well sealed. There are many reasons for valve leakage, including unreasonable structural design, defective sealing contact surface, loosening of fastening parts, inadequate fit between valve body and bonnet, etc. All these problems may lead to improper sealing of the valve. Good, resulting in leakage problems. Therefore, valve sealing technology is an important technology related to the performance and quality of electric valves, and it needs to be systematically and deeply studied. Since the electric valve was produced to the present, its sealing technology has also experienced great development. So far, electric valve sealing technology is mainly reflected in two aspects, namely static sealing and dynamic sealing. The so-called static seal usually refers to the seal between two static surfaces. The sealing method of static seal mainly uses gaskets. The so-called dynamic seal mainly refers to the sealing of the valve stem, that is, preventing the medium in the valve from leaking with the movement of the valve stem. The sealing method of the dynamic seal mainly uses a stuffing box. Back to the topic, let's talk about the development trend of electric valve sealing technology. With the continuous development of science and technology, the requirements for electric valves are getting higher and higher, so the valve sealing technology is also constantly developing, and new sealing materials and technologies are constantly appearing. Mainly reflected in the following aspects: ① Sealing of raw materials. What is raw material? It is the material before the high molecular organic compound is sintered into a product. Raw meal has the characteristics of soft texture and can produce monomolecular membrane effect. The raw meal can be shaped freely when it is used, and as long as there is pressure, a uniform annular membrane will be formed, and this annular membrane has a sealing effect. The raw meal is very convenient to use, can be made into a certain shape, easy to replace, and has a good sealing effect. ②Liquid sealing. Liquid sealing refers to a sealing technology that uses liquid sealant to seal electric valves. It is generally used for static sealing. In liquid sealing, the monomolecular film effect of the liquid sealant is mainly used to make it act like a gasket under appropriate pressure. ③The bellows is sealed. Bellows sealing refers to a sealing technology that uses bellows to achieve electric valve sealing. It is generally used for dynamic sealing. In the bellows seal, the two ends of the bellows are usually fixed together with other parts. Therefore, when the valve stem moves, the bellows will expand and contract. As long as the bellows itself remains intact, the medium will not leak. Realize the sealing of the valve. This kind of valve sealing technology is mainly used in the chemical industry and the atomic energy industry, for occasions where packing can not be used.
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