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The difference between electric ball valve and pneumatic ball valve

by:Sino Valves     2021-03-06
What is the difference between electric ball valve and pneumatic ball valve? The valve manufacturer will give you a detailed explanation below: the difference between electric ball valves and pneumatic ball valves: 1. Pneumatic ball valves are faster than electric ball valves. Generally, the switching time of pneumatic ball valves is about 6 seconds, and the corresponding time of pneumatic ball valves is faster. 4 seconds, while the switching time of the electric ball valve is generally 15-20 seconds, and the corresponding time of the electric ball valve is about 13 seconds. 2. The essential difference between electric valves and pneumatic valves lies in the use of different drive equipment, that is, actuators. The working conditions of different actuators are mainly the requirements of working conditions, such as chemical industry and other occasions that require explosion-proof, the most used is pneumatic valve... The difference between electric ball valve and pneumatic ball valve is as follows: 1. Pneumatic ball valve: a gas-driven ball valve, the source of power is to use compressed air from an air compressor as power, and the air pressure is used to drive the valve action, while the air source is controlled by another small The reversing solenoid valve is realized; 2. Electric ball valve: the ball valve driven by the power source, the source power is a power source of different voltage, which is rotated by the motor, and then converted by the internal mechanical structure of the actuator into the power to drive the ball valve, which is changed by the wiring signal , Realize the switch action of the ball valve. The difference between the pneumatic ball valve and the electric ball valve is to choose    1. The distance of the action force of the pneumatic valve is greater than that of the electric ball valve, the switching speed of the pneumatic valve is adjustable, the structure is simple, and the protection is convenient. In the process of action, due to the cushioning characteristics of the gas itself, it is not easy to be disturbed and damaged, but there must be a gas source, and its control system is also more turbulent than an electric valve. Pneumatic valves are flexible, safe and reliable. Many factories with high control requirements have specially set up compressed air stations with pneumatic external control components. The power source of the pneumatic valve actuator is the air source, and the air source is an air compressor. Select the positioner to convert the electrical control signal into the pneumatic control signal, and drive the pneumatic actuator to adjust the valve position.   2. The power source of the electric valve actuator is the power source. If the circuit board or motor fails, it is easy to generate sparks. Therefore, it is generally used in occasions with low environmental requirements and no risk. Compared with the adjustment functions of electric actuators and pneumatic actuators, pneumatic actuators have a faster response speed and are more suitable for adjusting working conditions. Therefore, the manufacturers of control valves have introduced matching performance pneumatic actuators.   3. The corresponding speed of pneumatic ball valve is faster than electric ball valve. The opening and closing time of the pneumatic ball valve is generally about 6 seconds. The opening and closing time of the VTON pneumatic ball valve is 4 seconds, and the opening and closing time of the electric ball valve is generally 15-20 seconds. Even the famous German Ritter electric ball valve only takes 13 seconds.  Four, the essential difference between electric valve and pneumatic valve lies in the use of different driving equipment, namely the actuator. The cooperation of different actuators is mainly based on the requirements of working conditions, such as chemical industries and other occasions that require explosion protection. Pneumatic valve is the most widely used valve. Due to the high safety requirements and low price, the collaborative intelligent locator can be on the bus and the operation mode is simple.   Five, the advantages of electric ball valve: suitable for liquid medium and large-caliber gas, not affected by climate. Not affected by air pressure. Disadvantages: high cost and poor humid environment.   Six. Advantages of pneumatic valve: Good effect on medium and small diameter liquids, low cost and convenient protection. Defect: Affected by the pressure fluctuation of the air compressor, the northern winter is easily affected by the water content of the air compressor, resulting in the freezing of the transmission part. 1. Electric ball valve, English name: electric ball valve or electric ball valve. Electric ball valves are generally connected by electric actuators and ball valves, and become electric ball valves after device debugging. The electric ball valve is powered by electric energy and is connected to an electric actuator to drive the ball valve to complete the opening and closing of the ball valve, thereby achieving the purpose of opening and closing or adjusting the pipeline medium. 2. Pneumatic ball valve is equipped with pneumatic actuator. The ball valve is opened and closed by the air source to complete the media switching and adjustment actions, and achieve the media switching or adjustment intent automation equipment. Pneumatic ball valves are generally equipped with various accessories, such as solenoid valves, air source treatment tee, limit switches, positioners, control boxes, etc., to complete local control and remote centralized control. In the control room, the valve does not need to run to the scene or high altitude, dangerous area for manual control, which greatly saves manpower, time and safety. Detailed classification of pneumatic ball valves: stainless steel pneumatic ball valves, plastic pneumatic ball valves, sanitary pneumatic ball valves, carbon steel pneumatic ball valves, two-way pneumatic ball valves, three-way pneumatic ball valves, four-way pneumatic ball valves. Valves Pneumatic ball valves and electric ball valves are two kinds of ball valves that are widely used and applied in the industry. Ball valves are specifically divided into two types, namely pneumatic ball valves and electric ball valves. These two ball valves include a variety of ball valve types and are used in a wide range of industries. Regardless of the sales volume or the degree of competition in the industry market, pneumatic ball valves and electric ball valves have shown a higher increasing trend, and the development prospects are broad. In recent years, with the continuous development and advancement of technology, they have become an indispensable part of valves. Valve pneumatic ball valve and electric ball valve, the biggest difference between the two is the difference in their actuators. Compared with the price of the valve body, the price of the actuator is higher. The function of the actuator is to accurately control the valve, from the initial single switch function to the multifunctional form of induction, protection and control.
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