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The difference between intelligent electric control valve and ordinary electric control valve

by:Sino Valves     2021-03-09
The structure of the electric control valve is composed of an electric actuator and a regulating valve, and then the electric regulating valve is formed through sleeve connection installation and adjustment installation. In the whole process automatic control system, the electric actuator receives the command signal of the controller, and the actuator converts it into a relative angular displacement or parallel line offset to control and adjust the organization, and change the kinetic energy or Raw materials to complete the automatic control system of the whole process. The upper end of the electric control valve is the actuator, which accepts the 0~10m ADC or 4~50mADC signal output by the controller, and converts it into a relative parallel line offset, which promotes the adjustment of the valve posture below and immediately adjusts the total flow of fluid mechanics . The actuators of various electric control valves are basically the same, but there are many types of control valves (adjustment organization) due to different application standards. The most common are direct single valve seat and direct double valve seat. The intelligent electric actuator has compact structure, light weight and small volume. It adopts DC brushless motor and gear box for speed reduction, with high efficiency and low noise. Finally, the Hall sensor in the motor is used to detect the position, which has high control accuracy, long life, and simplified mechanical mechanism. The electric control part of the intelligent electric control valve adopts a modular design, which is composed of a drive unit, a control unit, a liquid crystal display unit, and a non-intrusive touch button unit. It has simple operation, convenient debugging and convenient wiring. Torque control and stroke limit are realized by electronic circuit, so as to realize debugging without opening the cover. Both intelligent electric control valve and intelligent pneumatic control valve can be called intelligent control valve. How to define whether the imported control valve is an intelligent control valve? The following valve manufacturers will talk about the difference between intelligent control valves and ordinary electric control valves. The intelligent electric control valve uses the energy of the medium to be adjusted to directly adjust and control the temperature of the medium such as steam, hot water, hot oil and gas. It can also be used to prevent overheating or heat exchange. The valve has simple structure and operation Convenient, wide selection of temperature adjustment range, fast response time, reliable sealing performance, and can be adjusted at will during operation, so it is widely used in the hot water supply of chemical, petroleum, food, textile, hotels and restaurants. Definition of intelligent electric control valve: an intelligent control valve is a control valve with a microprocessor that can realize intelligent control functions. The intelligence of electric control valve usually adopts the following forms: a. Pneumatic regulating valve with intelligent valve positioner; b. Intelligent imported electric control valve; imported pneumatic control valve with fieldbus intelligent valve positioner. Intelligent control functions’ mainly include the following a. Easily modify the flow characteristics of the regulating valve. b. Realize PID control operation. c. Realize other calculation functions, such as the range setting of split-range control, nonlinear compensation calculation, etc. d. Change the positive and negative action mode of the regulating valve. e. Realize the communication with the host computer-realize information sharing. L realize the fault diagnosis and alarm of the regulating valve. g. Realize the self-locking of the regulating valve. h. The advantages of using intelligent valve positioner to realize the status information management of the control valve are as follows. a. Reduce the installation, verification and debugging time of the control loop. b. Adopt the diagnosis function to make the regulating valve use. The life span is prolonged and the operation status can be monitored in time. c. Reduce the skill requirements for instrument maintenance personnel.
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