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The domestic valve casting industry is booming, remember to do a good job of recycling

by:Sino Valves     2021-03-05
At present, my country's valve casting industry has entered the fast lane of development, but the per capita consumption level of valve casting products is still not high. With the rise of domestic power station valves, chemical valves, valve building materials, and food valves, the industry still has Very broad development space, the rapid development of my country's valve casting industry will continue for a long period of time. It is reported that the domestic valve casting industry is a sunrise industry and has now become a basic material industry that goes hand in hand with steel, cement, wood and other industries. Domestic entrepreneurs and investors have invested in the valve casting industry. It is understood that with the trend of diversification and in-depth development in related industrial fields, the identity of valve casting products has gradually expanded from the protagonist of daily necessities to a broader industrial field. The high-tech field has put forward higher requirements for valve products. At the same time, each The environmental protection, recycling, and recycling tasks of a kind of end-of-life valve products will become increasingly difficult. With the strong productivity and market consumption capacity of my country's valve castings, the recycling of valve castings will inevitably become a problem. Experts said that before the problem has been expanded, my country's valve casting industry and related industries should be prepared for later recycling work, and jointly contribute to the green development of the industry and environmental protection. Source: Hardware Net
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