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The dream of valve localization is not far away

by:Sino Valves     2021-03-10
The valve industry should settle down to optimize the property layout, energy conservation and environmental protection, independent innovation, innovative closure, and remuneration, and accelerate the creation of a new system of skill growth that independently develops innovation capabilities. In terms of localization of products in the valve industry at the end of the 'Eleventh Five-Year Plan' period, 95-100% of large-scale ethylene public valves should be covered. The important thing for coal chemical industry public valves is that the low-temperature hydrogenation process requires material sealing, and there are some controls. The drive assembly must also reach more than 90%; in terms of ultra-supercritical thermal power generation technology and so on, the proportion of valve localization must reach 80%-100%. To complete the localization of critical valves and critical technologies, the mission is difficult, only our valves With the concerted efforts of the same industry and the same policy, the localization of valves will definitely be completed.   After the State Council issued the 'How Many Opinions on Accelerating the Rejuvenation of the Equipment Manufacturing IndustryFor this reason, the National Development and Reform Commission, the China Machinery Industry Association, the China Communications Association and other relevant countries have long proposed plans to gradually complete the localization of huge equipment valves in the '10th Five-Year Plan' and 'Eleventh Five-Year Plan' eras. The critical valves for kilowatt nuclear power plants and the localization of large-scale ethylene equipment valves for megatons have been introduced through the introduction of critical skills and independent development, and many preferential laws and policies have been granted. Valve companies ushered in challenges and opportunities for growth, and actively and automatically did a good job in valve localization. The top and bottom constitute resonance, and the localization of valves has gained gratifying hope. In the economic growth of the people, the valve industry, as a key to the preparation of the manufacturing industry, plays a very important role in tension. In the areas of tension related to the national economy and people’s livelihood, such as million kilowatt nuclear power, large-scale clean and high-compliance power generation, supercritical thermal power, gas steam cycle , Large-scale hydropower and pumped storage, large-scale air-cooled electric power generation units and large-scale round-back fluidized bed boilers, etc.; million-ton large-scale ethylene complete equipment, para-xylene, phthalic acid, polyester complete equipment; large-scale coal chemical industry equipment; Large-scale underground coal mining, promotion and washing and delivery equipment; large ships, large chemical ships, aircraft carriers, CNG; air management, urban industrial wastewater treatment, urban pipeline network reform, etc., require a large number of domestic valves for supporting, to satisfy the common people’s economic industry The request for valve production, complete the superstitious growth of all industries, take the lead in growth, grow well and fast, seize market opportunities at home and abroad, open up upward progress, and be happy to build China into an important production base for Yucheng Ball Valve.   The valve industry is a tense component of the manufacturing industry, which has an indelible influence on the economic growth of the people. Although the valve's skills depend on foreign imports, but domestically, it has begun to cultivate high-quality talents. The quality of valve production must be strictly controlled, and the environment of uneven quality has just been enforced, and a sophisticated growth and recovery space has been created for each property. To complete the localization of critical valves and critical technologies, the domestic valve industry still has a long way to go. The valve industry should be united and progress toward the same policy. The dream of localization is not far away.
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