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The fierce competition for electric gate valves is not a crisis or a turning point

by:Sino Valves     2021-03-13
Electric gate valves are one of several important categories in the valve industry. Electric gate valves are widely used in sewage pipelines, fire fighting pipelines, and water supply and drainage pipelines. After years of development, the current gate valve market is gradually becoming mature. Under the influence of internal and external factors, the entire gate valve market has reached a critical period of reshuffle. The market competition situation is extremely fierce, which intensifies the survival of the fittest in the entire industry. Nowadays, many electric gate valve manufacturers have felt the fierce competition pressure in the market. However, some valve companies have entered a more ideal development situation due to the intensification of the entire market reshuffle period. In the early days, the threshold for producing electric valves was low, especially for electric gate valve companies. Many small and medium electric gate valve manufacturers divided the market share at low prices. Due to competition, some second-tier brands also met the challenge by reducing prices. However, price reduction is often based on sacrificing product quality. Inferior products will inevitably affect the brand image, and then lose the consumer group, eventually leading to excess capacity and falling into a vicious circle. Plagiarism among enterprises has led to a lack of original products and branded products being squeezed. In addition, the electric valve industry is also facing various strange phenomena such as frequent exhibitions, continuous promotions, and price wars. The intensified industry reshuffle has become the inevitable direction of industry development. In this process, for small and medium gate valve manufacturers, it may fall into an even more embarrassing situation; for large gate valve manufacturers, this will also be a development opportunity. Industry shuffling is inevitable. This has also promoted the benign electric development of large electric gate valve companies. Most companies said that shuffling is conducive to the healthy development of the industry. 'The threshold of the steel and wood door industry is also divided into high, medium and low grades. The low threshold is compared to low-end electric gate valve manufacturers. Generally, they produce some low-pressure Z45T dark-stem gate valves and Z45X elastic seat-sealed gate valves. The medium and high-end ones are generally divided into Z41W stainless steel. Electric gate valve, Z960Y electric high-pressure gate valve, Z941H electric gate valve, Z41Y forged steel gate valve, and for these mid-to-high-end products, it is difficult to guarantee the quality of production in small workshops and it is difficult to survive. For large enterprises, it may be an opportunity for higher development. In general, the development of any industry will not be smooth sailing. After decades of development, the electric valve industry has gradually appeared some phenomena that must appear in the development of the industry. Under this phenomenon , How can electric gate valve manufacturers seek long-term development? Whether it is a strong alliance or a diversified development path, the company needs to recognize the market situation, actively respond to the difficulties, and rise steadily.
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