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The future development of the valve casting industry may show a cautious and optimistic state

by:Sino Valves     2021-03-21
At present, the valve casting industry is in an important period of seeking direction, and the development of the industry is facing certain problems and opportunities. The relevant experts in the industry are as follows: First, the per capita consumption is low and the foundation is weak. At present, my country's valve casting industry is a sunrise industry, but the current per capita consumption level of products in my country's valve casting industry is not high in the world, only 22 US dollars per capita, which belongs to the initial stage. The current international economic situation is complex, the capital debt crisis is intensifying, and my country's steel and metal products exports are severe. If the valve casting industry wants to achieve rapid development, domestic demand is inevitable. However, the current domestic demand is still at a low level, and the follow-up development road has a long way to go. Second, the technological level of the valve casting industry is backward, and the waste of raw materials is huge. Most of the valve casting enterprises in my country have the disadvantages of small scale, low industrial concentration, irrational product structure of the valve casting industry, weak independent innovation ability, backward equipment and technology, and high investment, high consumption, high pollution, low efficiency, and low benefit. The extensive development mode of China is highlighted. In an environment where energy conservation and emission reduction requirements are becoming more and more stringent, backward technology is not conducive to the cost savings of my country's valve industry, nor is it conducive to my country's valve industry in the fierce market competition to strive for greater living space, and it is not conducive to the valve casting industry. Long-term development. Third, the manufacturing industry has recovered slowly. The valve casting industry is a branch of the manufacturing industry, and the overall environment affects the relative progress of the industry. Fourth, industry policies are limited. How the country sets the tone for economic trends in 2013 remains to be seen. It is reported that in the development process of the foundry industry, national policies such as energy saving, emission reduction and monetary easing have a significant impact on the industry. The development of valve casting enterprises needs to pay more attention to the changes in the foundry industry and adjust flexibly according to their own operating conditions. With limited industry policies, the development of the valve casting industry may show a cautious and optimistic state in the future.
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