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The market demand for electric valves is constantly escalating, and electric valves win by quality

by:Sino Valves     2021-02-24
As a 'national electric valve leaderFor urban development, valves are almost synonymous with a variety of valve series products in the industry. In this new era of network-wide marketing, companies have already made a good market layout, and valves have already relied on an annual market growth rate of 200%. Various sectors of the city, including machinery, metallurgy, petrochemical, chemical, urban construction and other industries, have been in the lead for many years. Top spot. In the ten years of silent cultivation, Valve has launched a series of measures in a low-key and pragmatic manner, ushering in a new era of brand improvement, and opening the curtain of strategic change. Recently, the company undertook a contract order for electric ball valve of a chemical enterprise. In order to meet the delivery time and quality requirements, the company has made concerted efforts to overcome difficulties, and track and control all aspects of technology, production, quality, and procurement, and refine to technical drawings, parts procurement, incoming inspection, processing, Various key control nodes such as assembly. With the joint efforts and close cooperation of various departments, the first batch of ball valves achieved a one-time assembly pressure test pass rate of 100%, successfully completed the first batch of deliveries, and achieved another breakthrough in production, which led to a substantial improvement in the technical level of the company and opened up new opportunities for the company. Point of profit growth. The brand has been accumulated for more than 10 years, focusing on industry needs and being market-oriented, has achieved rapid growth of the brand and has become a new blueprint for the development of new energy valves in China. Because of this, on the road of 'One Belt One Road' valve industry development, relying on this advantage to stand out from many valve manufacturers, guided by corporate strategy, with product manufacturing as the foothold, the performance is stable and stable except for the demeanor of a valve company. . Valves are tools, and safety and convenience are always the basic demands. Valves used in urban buildings, urban heating, urban gas, long-distance pipelines, etc. are developing in the direction of environmental protection and energy saving, in terms of operating efficiency and saving energy consumption. The use of automatic control valves is also an indispensable part. The manual valves and pneumatic valves commonly used in traditional industries are not as good as electric valves in terms of installation cost and efficiency. As far as the product itself is concerned, because electric valves have the advantages of easy assembly, low failure rate and meeting the industry's automation needs, they are a more cost-effective choice for the industry. Because the general traditional pneumatic valve is used, it is inevitable to have piping, solenoid valve and compressor to match, while the electric valve is driven by a motor, which is easy to install and hassle-free, and the electric valve can be installed with the factory's original automatic control circuit, which can save other the costing payment. In addition, the opening and closing of the motor drive is smoother, without the shortcomings of excessive momentary impulse, and the failure rate can be greatly reduced. Many people think that electric valves are expensive and costly to use. In fact, it is not. If calculated as a whole, traditional valves have to be installed with many accessories and pipelines. The price is not dominant, but more maintenance costs. Only by laying a solid foundation can the construction of the national industrial manufacturing industry emerge. Behind high-quality products is always the diligent pursuit of technology, and 'technology' is also an important label of the brand. It is understood that the valve relies on the data of the market series valve product demand research, and the valve electric device has been upgraded and modified as follows: First, in terms of safety performance, safe production is too big, and the company has always made safe production the top priority of enterprise development. Important, and infiltrate this concept into the production of products. For this reason, the Ru0026D team always has a heart for safe production and perseveres in finding ways to upgrade safety performance. The effort pays off, and finally the opening and closing time of the valve electric device is shortened to 4-30 seconds, and the shortest opening and closing time is even only 1.5 seconds, which greatly improves the safety level of the valve electric device and supports safe production. A protective umbrella. Secondly, structural drawbacks have always been one of the major reasons why valve electric devices are not well received by the market. Problems such as poor flexibility, difficult operation, and large footprints derived from bulky size have once plagued consumers and have become the development of enterprises. Huge stumbling block. In response to this problem, the valve stepped on the shoulders of the crystallization of science and technology at home and abroad. Through independent innovation, the complex structure of the valve electric device was simplified into a single-piece structure. The upgraded product has a smaller volume, lighter weight and better operation. Flexible and convenient. For a long time, Valve has been adhering to the quality strategy of 'Technology creates perfection, high-quality products contribute to societyNowadays, products have occupied an important place in the domestic market, and its research and development of gate valves, butterfly valves, ball valves, globe valves, regulating valves, check valves and other series of valves and various electric actuators, pneumatic actuators, solenoid valves, control Automation products such as systems and complete sets of automation equipment have also achieved good sales results in the market, meeting the needs of different manufacturers. The so-called stone of the other mountain can be used for jade. If 10 years ago, it was like a sword in a sheath and sharpened its edge. Today, it is a bow and arrow with full force, moving straight toward the bullseye of technology changing the future trend. The success of the valve also reveals a truth. Under a market economy, only market-oriented and consumer demand-oriented can seize the market and ultimately win the market.
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