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The price of explosion-proof electric gate valve DN100

by:Sino Valves     2021-03-20
How much is the price of explosion-proof electric gate valve DN100? Is there a cheap manufacturer? How about the quality and service? Most customers care about quality, warranty time, and after-sales service during and after use. Don’t worry about this. We are an established manufacturer. It has produced electric valves and electric actuators for more than 10 years. It has a good reputation and brand, and there are many certificates, such as explosion-proof certificate and coal safety certificate. Choose a good explosion-proof electric gate valve-valve factory is trustworthy. Mine explosion-proof electric gate valve, MZ941H-25C is mainly used in coal mines, underground, generally this kind of explosion-proof mine electric gate valve, with coal safety electric gate valve, mine explosion-proof electric gate valve power supply voltage has 380V and 660V, this kind of electric gate valve must be equipped with Only the coal safety certificate can enter the mine. Features of the electric device: It has a mine certificate and a coal safety certificate, and the explosion-proof protection level is IP68. It is suitable for flammable and explosive occasions, with high safety factor, strong operation function and stable performance. There are two types of explosion-proof products, dI and dIIBT4. dI is suitable for non-excavation working faces of coal mines; dIIBT4 is used in factories and is suitable for explosive gas mixtures of IIA and IIB grades T1 to T4. Valve Service: Various gate valve series. Features: Meet the requirements of advanced domestic and foreign standards, reliable sealing and excellent performance. Address: No. 178, Changxiang Road, Nanxiang Industrial Zone, Jiading District. Professional R u0026 D and production of explosion-proof gate valves, welcome to call, reliable quality, affordable, explosion-proof gate valves have long service life and good quality. The valve factory specializes in the production of explosion-proof gate valves. The company's mission is 'survive by quality, develop by benefit, and report to customers with integrity'. It has entered the new century. Gate valves welcome new and old customers to inquire. The explosion-proof gate valve adopts a top-mounted structure and is used in high pressure and large diameter. Under the conditions, the connecting bolts of the valve body are reduced, the reliability of the valve is enhanced, and the influence of the weight of the system on the normal operation of the valve can be overcome. Mine explosion-proof-the difference between electric gate valve and pneumatic gate valve Electric gate valve is a linear movement valve, it is matched with the Z-type multi-turn actuator, there are switch type and intelligent type. Explosion-proof electric gate valve: reliable quality, affordable, prompt delivery, and thoughtful after-sales. Our company provides a full set of engineering valve solutions, valve pre-sales, sales, and after-sales professional services 021-64162222.
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