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The role of vacuum valve in vacuum system

by:Sino Valves     2021-03-05
1. The vacuum valve switch gas circuit, as shown in Figure 13-1, when valve 1 and valve 4 are closed, and valve 2 is opened, the mechanical vacuum pump III vacuums container I, and the air flows through the pre-vacuum pumping pipeline; when valve 2 When valve 4 is closed, the mechanical pump can vacuum the diffusion pump alone; when valve 1 and valve 4 are opened at the same time, the diffusion pump and the mechanical pump can work at the same time to evacuate the container, and the airflow flows through the diffusion pump. It can be seen that the function of the valve in this operation is to switch the air path and change the route of the air flow. 2. Control the airflow size and adjust the vacuum degree. In Figure 13-1, the opening angle of the valve cover of valve 1 can be adjusted to adjust the amount of air flow through the pipeline; the valve 2 and valve 4 are closed, and the inlet of the mechanical pump III can be released to the atmosphere through the air release valve 3; The vacuum level in the container can be adjusted through the air release valve 5. 3. Quantitative inflation, as shown in Figure 13-2, there is a small hole of a certain volume in the plunger of the glass valve. When the small hole is turned to the right and connected to the high-pressure gas cylinder, the small hole can be filled with high-pressure gas; When it turns to the left and communicates with the vacuum container, the volume of high-pressure gas is put into the container, which plays the role of quantitative inflation.
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