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The solution of the pressure reducing valve not working properly

by:Sino Valves     2021-03-22
Problem: The pressure reducing valve is not working properly. Problem performance: The pressure reducing valve does not have a pressure reducing effect or is straight-through and cannot be used normally. Problem analysis: (1) Unreasonable installation and improper takeover. (2) The valve body itself has defects, and it is not carefully checked for compliance before installation. (3) There is debris in the valve and there is no filter. Solution: (1) Installation height of pressure reducing valve. 1) Set about 1.2m from the ground. Lay along the wall; 2) Set about 3m away from the ground, and set up a permanent operating table. (2) A trap should be installed before the pressure reducing valve group of the steam system. (3) If the medium in the system contains slag, a filter should be installed in front of the valve block. (4) In order to facilitate the adjustment of the pressure reducing valve, pressure gauges should be installed before and after the pressure reducing valve group. If the allowable limit is exceeded, a safety valve should be installed after the valve block. (5) The pressure reducing valve is directional. When installing, be careful not to reverse the direction and install it vertically on a horizontal pipe. When the bellows pressure reducing valve is used for steam, the bellows should be installed downwards. For air, the valve needs to be installed in reverse. (6) For the tympanic pressure reducing valve with equalizing pipe, the equalizing pipe should be installed on one side of the low pressure pipe, see Figure 5-4(c). (7) Installation drawing of pressure reducing valve and dimensions of each part. The installation diagram of the pressure reducing valve is shown in Figure 5-4, and the dimensions of each part are shown in Table 5-20. (8) After the pressure reducing valve is installed, it should be adjusted according to the use pressure and the debugging mark should be made. For example, the adjustment process of a spring-loaded pressure reducing valve is: first close the ball valves on both sides of the pressure reducing valve (the bypass pipe should also be closed at this time), then tighten the upper hand wheel of the pressure reducing valve, and unscrew the lower hand wheel to make The spring is in a completely relaxed state, and water is filled from the water injection hole to prevent steam from damaging the rubber ring of the piston. Open the front ball valve (open in sequence in the direction of steam flow), loosen the handwheel, and slowly tighten the lower handwheel. While unscrewing the handwheel, pay attention to the pressure gauge behind the valve. When the required reading is reached, open the After the ball valve, make a further weir.
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