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The solution of the valve direction is reversed

by:Sino Valves     2021-03-14
Problem: The valve direction is reversed. The problem performance: The valve installation direction and the medium flow direction are reversed or the installation position is improper, which will affect operation and maintenance; the valve stem is installed horizontally on the horizontal pipeline or the clear distance between the valve handwheels installed in a row is too large Close, or strong connection of cast iron valve, or threaded valve without union, etc., will affect the normal use of the valve. Problem analysis: (1) At the end, carefully check the valve installation direction and the medium direction. (2) Improper installation location. (3) The clear distance between the handwheels is too close to hinder the operation and is inconvenient to use. Solution: (1) Before installation. It should be carefully checked whether the model and specifications meet the design requirements; and the valve installation direction should be determined according to the flow direction of the medium. Check whether the valve skewer and valve disc are flexible, whether they are stuck or skewed, whether the valve disc is tightly closed, whether the packing is intact, whether the packing gland has sufficient adjustment margin, and whether the pressure test is carried out. Unqualified valves shall not be installed. (2) The position of the closed door installation should not hinder the installation, operation and maintenance of the equipment, pipelines and valves themselves. The installation height is generally 1~1.2m from the ground to the handwheel. In order to facilitate the operation, when the installation is more than 1.8m from the operating surface and there are many valves, a permanent operating platform should be set up, and a valve bracket should be set up for heavy valves or valves that are easily damaged. (3) For valves on horizontal pipelines, valve skewers should generally be installed within the upper semicircle, and the gate rod should not be installed downwards; for ease of operation, valves and valve stems on vertical pipelines should be installed along the direction of the touring operation channel. And as much as possible centralized layout. (5) Valves on pipelines side by side horizontally. In order to reduce the distance between the pipelines, the valves should be staggered and arranged neatly; the valves on the vertical side by side pipelines should be installed at the same height, and the net distance between the handwheels should not be less than 100 bar to avoid hindering operation. (6) Valve installation should be carried out in the closed state, handling should be handled with care, in order to avoid damage to the hand wheel and valve stem, the hoisting rope must not be tied to the hand wheel or valve stem. (7) The angle of the closed-door drive rod (extension rod) should not be greater than 30°, and the joint should be flexible. For valves with thermal displacement, the drive rod should be compensated. (8) When installing cast iron and ferrosilicon valves, in order to prevent damage caused by strong connections or uneven forces, they must be operated correctly. (9) Threaded closed door installation, in order to facilitate disassembly and maintenance, a flexible joint must be installed at the outlet of the valve. (10) The operating machinery and transmission device of the valve should be adjusted and tuned to make it flexible and accurate. (11) In order to ensure the inner wall is smooth and clean, ammonia arc welding should be adopted for the welding valve and the bottom welding of the pipe connection. In order to reduce thermal deformation, the valve must be opened during welding.
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