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The solution of the valve is not tightly closed or the valve body leaks

by:Sino Valves     2021-03-05
Problem: The valve is not tightly closed or the valve body leaks. Performance: After the valve is installed, after the test or put into operation, the valve is not tightly closed, and sometimes the right side of the valve body leaks, which affects the operation. Problem analysis: (1) The sealing surface is damaged or slightly corroded. (2) Improper closure during operation, resulting in poor contact of the sealing surface. (3) The valve stem is bent, and the upper and lower sealing surfaces are not aligned with the center line. (4) Impurities block the valve core. (5) The valve body or gland has cracks. Solution: (1) When the sealing surface is worn out and the closing is not tight, it should be repaired. Generally, it needs to be removed for grinding. Defects on the sealing surface (bumps, knife marks, nicks, unevenness, dents, etc.) can be eliminated by grinding when the depth is less than 0.05mm; when the depth exceeds 0.05mm, they should be processed on a lathe first, and then ground. Repair it with a knife or sandpaper. (2) In case of leakage due to improper operation and closing, the opening and closing can be repeated several times slowly until the closing is tight. (3) When the valve stem causes leakage, it should be removed for straightening repair or replacement. (4) When impurities block the spool, the valve should be opened first, the debris should be discharged, and then closed slowly. Sometimes you can tap lightly until the impurities are smeared.
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