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The solution to the valve installation does not work

by:Sino Valves     2021-03-05
Problem: The valve installation does not work. Problem performance: The valve installation is unreasonable, which is not convenient for maintenance and operation, or even does not work. Problem analysis: Lack of common sense of installation or lack of mastery of specifications. Sometimes due to improper operation and uneven force, it cannot be used after installation. Solution: (1) Before installing the valve, check the model and specifications carefully according to the requirements to identify whether there is damage, Remove the port cover and the debris in the valve. (2) In accordance with the requirements of construction acceptance specifications, all valves that do not have a strength and tightness test sheet should be supplemented with strength and tightness tests before installation. They are closed-circuit valves installed on the main pipe for opening and closing. The strength and tightness tests should be done one by one. Tightness experiment. (3) The flow direction arrow is printed on the valve body of the general valve. The arrow refers to the direction in which the medium flows and cannot be installed in reverse. (4) The installation position should be focused on the use, operation and maintenance, and the valve should be installed in a place that is convenient for operation and maintenance as much as possible, and the beautiful appearance of the entire pipeline should also be considered. The valve handwheel must not face down. The hand wheel of the floor valve is upwards and cannot be tilted. (5) When installing the flange valve, the end faces between the flanges should be parallel. Double pads should not be used. When tightening the bolts, it should be symmetrically crossed several times and tightened evenly.
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