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the truth is out there, in the toilet

by:Sino Valves     2021-02-22
This is my story. \"You dirty mouse. \" Oct. 31)
: In January, when I rented two cars
In the bedroom in Watertown, one night I was alone at home looking at the x Files.
\"There were aliens coming out of the toilet in that episode;
I remember turning off the TV and saying it was disgusting!
I went to the bathroom.
I did not turn on the light.
I saw something moving away from the corner of my eye. I jumped up.
This terrible height when I jump
There was a harsh sound in my toilet.
I ran out of the bathroom and my house screamed.
My neighbors upstairs heard it and they ran down.
I was shocked and thought there was an \"alien\" in my toilet \".
I called a exterminator and he told us to put the heavy book on the toilet seat and the mouse would drown.
He said he would come in the morning.
I couldn\'t sleep in my apartment that night.
The exterminator showed up the next morning.
He went and removed the \"dead\" mouse.
When he raised the toilet seat, the mouse began to scream again. -
Apparently not drowned.
The exterminator told me that there was a big \"Norwegian\" mouse in my toilet.
Obviously, there is not enough water in the bowl to kill it.
The exterminator then set the glue pad on the bathroom floor.
He had a metal pipe stuck in the toilet and gave the mouse something to push off.
The mouse jumped up and landed on the mat.
Unfortunately the mouse is wet and not glued to the glue.
The trapped mouse tried to catch up with the feet of the exterminator.
The exterminator picked up the tube and killed the mouse on my bathroom floor.
I think I\'m a City legend near Watertown.
There is a solution.
A week after it happened, my landlord had the plumber install a check valve in my sewer.
This valve only allows the object to move outward through the pipe.
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