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There is still a big gap between domestic valves and foreign countries in high-end technology

by:Sino Valves     2021-03-16
With the rapid development of my country’s economy, the valve industry, as a national industry, has experienced rapid development throughout the country after several years of ups and downs. It has become one of the main industries that have developed rapidly in the domestic machinery industry. Although the valve industry in my country has developed faster, There are also many problems, the development level of the industry is low, the product technology content is low, and there are many control valves and many low-end products.    In my country's current valve market, in addition to low-pressure valves that have reached a level acceptable to the international market, high-pressure valves still rely on imports. Under the optimistic situation of the macro economy, most of the production and sales indicators of the valve industry have maintained relatively rapid growth, but due to the impact of price wars, industry sales revenue and profits have dropped significantly compared with last year.     With the recovery of the world economy, the import and export of my country's valve products has also increased, but the competition in the international valve market is also increasing. As there is still a big gap between high-end technology and large foreign manufacturers, product technology will become a bottleneck restricting the development of my country's valve products in the next period of time.     According to statistics from relevant departments, my country's annual valve market turnover is as high as 50 billion yuan, of which more than 10 billion yuan of the market is occupied by foreign valve companies. Although my country's valve industry has vigorously developed after the reform and opening up, it has achieved considerable results. But at present, there are still some problems in my country's valve industry. For example, my country's valve companies are mainly low-level, small-scale, family-based enterprises.     In terms of products, due to repeated investment, insufficient technology investment and introduction, the leading products of my country's valve companies are still low-quality mass products. At present, all kinds of valves produced by Chinese enterprises generally have shortcomings such as external leakage, internal leakage, low appearance quality, short life, inflexible operation, and unreliable valve electric and pneumatic devices. Some products are only equivalent to the 80s of the last century. International level at the beginning of the decade. However, some valves required for high temperature and high pressure and key installations still rely on imports. At present, the gap between my country's valve industry and foreign valve industry is relatively obvious. There are mainly four comprehensive gaps: one is the gap in technological innovation ability; the second is the gap in processing technology; the third is the gap in quality management and equipment; the fourth is process Gap in management. This also allows us to see our own shortcomings, in order to find the gap and the essence of the problem, so as to improve and improve.
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