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Types of electric valves What is the purpose of electric valves?

by:Sino Valves     2021-03-04
Types of electric valves What is the purpose of electric valves? The valve manufacturer tells you to let you know the common knowledge of electric valves. There are two types of electric valves. One is the angular-stroke electric valve: the angular-stroke electric actuator is used in conjunction with the angular-stroke valve to realize the internal rotation of the electric valve within 0 degrees to control the pipeline fluid. On-off; the other is a straight-stroke electric valve: a straight-stroke electric actuator is used in conjunction with a straight-stroke valve to realize the up and down movement of the valve plate to control the on-off of the pipeline fluid. It is usually used in conjunction with equipment with a higher degree of automation. Electric valve: It is used for the analog quantity adjustment of the pipeline medium flow of liquid, gas and wind system, which is AI control. In the control of large valves and wind systems, electric valves can also be used for two-position switch control. Electric valve: It can have AI feedback signal and can be controlled by DO or AO. It is more common in large pipelines and air valves. 1. Switch form: The electric valve is generally driven by a motor, and it takes a certain time to complete the opening or closing action, which can be adjusted. 2. Nature of work: The drive of the electric valve is generally a motor, which is relatively resistant to voltage shock. Solenoid valves are quick-opening and quick-closing. They are generally used in places with small flow and low pressure, and electric valves are required to switch frequently. The opening degree of the electric valve valve can be controlled, and the state is open, closed, half-open and half-closed, which can control the flow of the medium in the pipeline, but the solenoid valve cannot meet this requirement. 3. Applicable process: Electric valves are generally used for adjustment, and there are also switches, such as the end of fan coil.
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