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Uses of various valves

by:Sino Valves     2021-11-13

Valves occupies a vital influence in China's economic development, and the use of each type of valve is very common. Naturally, it is also indispensable in life. For example, a ball valve can be turned off tightly only with the actual operation of turning 90 degrees and a small rotational torque. Suitable for power switch and emergency shut-off valve applications. Convenient and easy to use. Below, I will also give you a detailed introduction to the uses of several valves and their common problems.

The photo above the ball valve is a stainless steel ball valve environmental sanitation grade non-storage ball valve, what is an environmental sanitation grade, The difference between environmental sanitation ball valves and ball valves, I can interpret them in detail later, let’s talk about the uses and common problems of ball valves.

The purpose of the ball valve

The function of the ball valve is mainly to disconnect the flow, distribute the flow speed and change the direction of the flow. It can be turned ninety degrees and used as a power switch. In the crude oil industry chain, chemical plant processing and manufacturing, water conservancy and hydropower engineering, steel industry, power companies and other industries, ball valves are widely used. According to the classification of the function of the ball valve, the requirements for the ball valve in each field are different. Let me talk about the four major functions of the ball valve for everyone:

First, the intake valve, which is generally used as a power switch for self-flowing water.

Second, the air valve is used to purge the gas when the vessel is filled with water; when the water in the vessel is exhausted, the floating bucket inside will gradually lower.

Three, the pressure reducing valve, when opened or closed, can clear the working pressure, thereby preventing damage.

Four, filter valve, can discharge the waste water under the ball. The purpose of the ball valve is Guangfa Bank, and I can interpret it in more detail later.

Common problems of ball valves

1: Before disassembling and dissolving the ball valve, check whether the pipes on the left and right sides of the ball valve have already been relieved of working pressure;

Two: some non-metallic parts in the ball valve should be cleaned with mineral water or ethanol when cleaning, and they should not be soaked in detergent for a long time;

three: when installing, screw It must be tightened gradually and evenly without excessive strength; fourth: the dissolved single ball valve, its parts can be soaked, and some dirt can be wiped off with a linen cloth, try to clean up all the dirt as neatly as possible.

The purpose of the gate valve

The opening and closing part of the gate valve is a gate valve. The fitness exercise direction of the gate valve is vertical to the liquid direction. Therefore, the gate valve can only be used for opening and closing. Adjustment and throttle valve. To put it simply, you can only switch on and off, and you cannot adjust the size of the running water. For example, in a swimming pool, you only have to use the on and off. When adding water, you only have to turn on the power switch, and when the water is stored, you must close the gate valve to prevent water from flowing out.

Tell everyone about the many characteristics of gate valves. First: the thick-bottomed gate seat is not easy to cause dirt deposits and make the liquid flow unimpeded; third: the overall overmolding, the use of high-quality vulcanized rubber Carry out overall internal and external plastics. It is not easy to fall off and has good ductility and memory; fourth: precision casting oil circuit board, precise geometrical specifications promote the inside of the oil circuit board to ensure the airtightness of the valve without any deep processing.

Common problems of gate valves

1: The spindle, handle and transmission mechanism are not allowed to be used for hoisting, and collisions are prohibited.

Two: Double gate valve should be installed vertically

Three: Gate valve with transmission mechanism, install according to the requirements of the product manual

Four: If the valve is often used Power switch application, lubricate at least once a month

5: The spindle and handle are turned off in a clockwise direction, and on the contrary, they are turned on. The gate valve with transmission mechanism should be applied according to the requirements of the product manual

Today I also talked about the use and application of a large number of valves, pay attention to me, and the next issue will be announced on time.

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