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by:Sino Valves     2021-02-25
Valve electrical equipment manufacturers, including LQ series electric actuators, DQW series electric actuators, DZW series electric actuators, small electric actuators, electric butterfly valves, electric gate valves, electric globe valves, electric ball valves, electric regulating valves, and a wide range of products Used in metallurgy, machinery, chemical industry, petroleum, mining, electricity, electronics, light industry, automobiles, ships, food, catering, medical, post and telecommunications, urban construction, heating, water supply engineering, urban water supply and drainage, sewage treatment, commercial services, Transportation and other industries. It provides a brand new method for equipment repair, maintenance, cleaning, sealing, descaling, descaling, moisture-proof, anti-corrosion, lubrication and surface treatment. After-sales service of our company's products: In terms of product services, the company has introduced product quality assurance commitments, advocating 'advanced service' and 'full-process service' in terms of product quality, delivery date, technical services, training, breach of contract compensation, service hotline, etc. Realize the promise and make users feel at ease about the product. The company's parts production and complete machine assembly make it possible to provide domestic users with the products they need in the shortest time. At the same time, there are various problems for users in product purchase and use. It can provide timely and effective pre-sales, in-sales and after-sales services to maximize customer utility and satisfaction. Survive with customer satisfaction, develop with product innovation, have been continuously improved and be motivated, have excellent equipment, manufacturing technology, complete specifications, complete supply, timely delivery, and complete after-sales service system; it is a company integrating production and scientific research , Development, sales and service of electric valve device, electric device, electric head, valve actuator, electric actuator, DZW, 2SA3, Z, DQW, Q, DKX, explosion-proof, intelligent integration, mechatronics , Electric gate valve, electric ball valve, electric butterfly valve, electric globe valve, electric regulating valve, control cabinet and other products, production-oriented high-tech enterprises. Our company strictly follows the international quality system certification standards, and each production process strictly implements the ISO9001 quality management system requirements. The valve electric equipment series products are widely used in petroleum, chemical, electric power, metallurgy, energy, pharmaceutical, paper, water treatment and other industries. The installation and wiring of valve electrical equipment should follow these instructions. Valve electrical installation, electrical wiring, repair and maintenance should be carried out by qualified personnel with appropriate knowledge and skills; please comply with local electrical regulations when wiring. Before installing the solenoid coil to the valve, do not supply power to the solenoid coil, and do not complete the operating system connection before all cables. Before attempting to install the valve, make sure that the pressure in the system is reached and maintained at atmospheric pressure. Do not shock the valve, do not use it if it falls on the ground; do not disassemble the valve during brazing. Ensure that the wiring plug is correctly installed to ensure IP67 protection. At least 0.35N*m (0.26ft-lbs) is recommended for the tightening torque of IP67 connector box bolts (when using IP67 connectors, PCN098276). The valve electric device is an indispensable driving device to realize valve program control, automatic control and remote control. Its operation process can be controlled by stroke, torque or axial thrust. It has the characteristics of small size and convenient operation, and can meet various control needs. . The electric actuator is a hand-electric switching mechanism: it is semi-automatic switching, and the handle needs to be pulled to switch when it is manual, and it runs automatically when the manual state is changed to electric. Its structure is shown in Figure 7. It consists of a handle, a switch, an upright rod, a clutch, a compression spring, etc. When the valve is operated by the handwheel, push the handle to the manual direction, and the switch will make the clutch raise the valve electric motor and compress the compression spring. When the handle is pushed to a certain position, the clutch disengages from the worm gear and engages with the handwheel. At the same time, the upright rod stands upright on the end face of the worm gear under the action of the torsion spring to support the clutch without falling. After the switch is completed, the handle can be released and the handwheel can be used for operation. . When electric operation is required, the motor will drive the worm wheel to rotate, and the upright rod supported on the end face of the worm wheel will fall down. Under the action of the compression spring, the clutch quickly moves in the direction of the worm wheel and meshes with the worm wheel and disengages from the hand wheel at the same time. Conversion to electric state. Jiangsu Lanvalve General Equipment Co., Ltd. with coal safety certificate explosion-proof valve control box explosion-proof products have two kinds of dI and dIIBT4, dI is suitable for coal mine non-excavation working face; dIIBT4 is used in factories, suitable for the environment of IIA, IIB level T1~T4 Set of sex gas mixtures. Explosion-proof points 1) When the explosive mixture inside the flameproof cavity of the control box explodes, the flameproof enclosure is not damaged, and the internal flame cannot pass through the junction surface of the enclosure to cause the explosion of the explosive mixture outside the control box. 2) After finishing, the parts that make up the flameproof enclosure have passed the 1.0MPa valve electrical installation specified in GB3836.2-2010, and passed the static pressure test of not less than 10S to ensure that they can withstand the maximum internal explosion pressure without damage. 3) The number of fastening bolts connecting the flameproof enclosure is indispensable, and the screwing depth is 1.2 to 1.5 times the bolt diameter to withstand the explosion pressure. There are spring washers under each bolt and nut to prevent self-loosing. 4) The box body, box cover, junction box cover, transparent parts, terminal blocks, cable sealing ring of the control box are explosion-proof parts, explosion-proof valve electrical equipment, and its explosion-proof surface must not be bumped or scratched, etc., which will affect the explosion-proof effect Defects.
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