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Valve drive method

by:Sino Valves     2021-03-12
Valve drive method (1) Manual Manual is the most basic drive method, including direct drive by handwheel, handle or wrench and drive by transmission mechanism. When the valve opening and closing torque is small, it can be directly driven by a hand wheel, handle or wrench. Umbrella handwheels are mainly used for stop valves and throttle valves, flat handwheels are mainly used for gate valves; wrenches are mainly used for plug valves, ball valves and butterfly valves. The diameter of the handwheel or the length of the handle and wrench should be selected according to the opening and closing torque of the valve. When the valve opening and closing torque is large, it can be driven by a gear or worm gear transmission mechanism to achieve the purpose of saving effort. Gear transmission is divided into spur gear transmission and bevel gear transmission. Gear transmission has a small reduction ratio, which is suitable for gate valves and globe valves; worm gear transmission has a relatively large reduction ratio, which is suitable for plug valves, ball valves and butterfly valves. (2) Pneumatic and hydraulic Pneumatic and hydraulic use a certain pressure of air, water or oil as the power source, using the movement of the cylinder (hydraulic cylinder) and piston to drive the valve. Generally, pneumatic air pressure is less than 0.79MPa; hydraulic water pressure or oil pressure is 2.47~24.7MPa. Pneumatic and liquid driving devices can be divided into reciprocating type and rotary type. The reciprocating gas and liquid driving device is used to drive gate valves, stop valves or diaphragm valves; the rotary gas and liquid driving device is used to drive ball valves, butterfly valves or plug valves. The hydraulic device has a large driving force and is suitable for driving large-diameter valves. If used to drive plug valves, ball valves and butterfly valves, the reciprocating motion of the piston must be converted into rotary motion. It meshes with the gear on the output shaft through the rack fixed on the piston, so that the output shaft makes a rotary motion. In addition to using the piston of a cylinder or hydraulic cylinder to drive, there is also a pneumatic film drive, because its stroke and driving force are small, so it is mainly used for regulating valves. (3) Electromagnetic drive Electromagnetic drive drives the valve by the magnetic force generated by the solenoid coil. Valves driven by solenoids, usually called solenoid valves, are widely used in pneumatic and hydraulic systems. Electromagnetic drive is characterized by small stroke and small driving force, but it can quickly open and close the valve and is used to drive small-caliber valves. (4) Electric drive The fast opening and closing speed of the electric drive can greatly shorten the time required to open and close the valve and reduce the labor intensity of the operators. It is especially suitable for large-diameter valves on the plateau. The electric drive is suitable for installation in locations that cannot be manually operated or difficult to access. It is easy to achieve remote operation and the installation height is not limited, which is conducive to the automation of the entire system. At the same time, the laying and maintenance of the wires used are also simpler than compressed air and hydraulic pipelines. many. (5) Electro-hydraulic linkage The electro-hydraulic actuator is different from using a pure electric actuator to position the regulating valve through a motor and a reducer. It uses a self-contained hydraulic transmission system as a medium to position the regulating valve.
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