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Valve electric actuator application scheme

by:Sino Valves     2021-02-28
1. Description of the application scheme of valve electric actuators: 1. Each electric device is equipped with a wireless module, which is then uniformly connected to the cloud server, which can monitor and control each electric device through the computer and mobile phone with the external network 2. Each electric device There must be a wireless antenna out. Valve electric actuator application program system program This control can be controlled through three control methods: remote control, field control, and bus-type centralized control. The electric actuator control module receives the control signal from the remote control room, and transmits it to the main control CPU after photoelectric isolation and anti-shake processing. The CPU monitors and collects the status signal of the actuator in real time, controls the motor to drive the controlled valve, and continuously collects the valve position signal in real time through the high-precision potentiometer or absolute encoder, and realizes the precise control of the electric valve through the modern industrial control software algorithm. At the same time, real-time data is transmitted to the remote control room. The electric actuator control module has advanced principles, comprehensive functions, long-term stability and reliability, high integration, low heat generation, convenient loading and unloading, and simple maintenance. It can be set quickly and non-intrusively through infrared remote control or operation panel buttons. 2. Program description and advantages: Comprehensive valve operating status and data monitoring functions: non-intrusive design, simple and intuitive debugging; full-view LCD menu display interface: Chinese and English languages u200bu200bare available; various fault messages and valves All parameters and states of the valve head, such as head opening, load timely current, input current signal value, valve head working status, control mode selection, bus function selection, stroke setting, etc. can be displayed and set on the LCD display. The four-position non-through magnetic steel controls the operation of the Hall element in the electrical enclosure. Compared with other knobs or touch operations, it has a beautiful appearance and convenient operation. Automatic switching function: The series of modules can switch between 'remote automatic/remote manual/on-site' three working states; remote valve opening and closing signals can receive two effective signals of DC24V and AC220V. Infrared remote control operation is the same as on-site operation setting method. The series of modules can be arbitrarily converted between switch type and adjustment type. Electronic brake and non-sparking commutation technology: SCR components control the output, and the output is normal through the secondary interlock of software and hardware. When the load is cut off, no spark commutation technology is adopted. 3. Resource description Power supply specifications Rated voltage AC220 or AC380 voltage allowable range ±10% allowable power-off time u003c10ms phase loss detection, phase loss protection, phase sequence discrimination, phase sequence discrimination, adaptive function, communication specifications, peripheral devices, PLC/PC signal path Number 1 interface type RS485 connection method terminal communication rate 9600bps protection function static suppression, TVS protection, maximum transmission distance 1200 meters, the number of external expansion nodes u003c30 digital input specifications peripheral device proximity switch signal number 6 (remote on/off; mechanical on /Turn off torque; overheating; ESD) signal type node input, low-level active connection mode KH-2.54-3P connector button specifications button number 4 button model Hall type COM terminal 4 common signal type low-level active LCD/backlight specifications Polarizer type full-transparent display mode STN negative display (blue film) Observation angle 120 CLOCK working voltage DC3VLCD outline size 62*44 backlight color white digital output specifications Number of signal channels 6 (4 channels can be configured) Connection mode KH-2.54-6P KH-2.54-12P connector signal type relay output maximum load 5A, response time u003c50ms, relay working lifeu003e 200,000 times Valve position acquisition acquisition method potentiometer or single-turn encoder precision potentiometer: 10 turns ; Encoder: 12-bit temperature range -40℃~125℃ 4-20 mA current input signal channels 1 signal type 1 channel 4-20mA signal 4-20 mA current output signal channels 1 signal type 1 channel 4-20mA signal Power line carrier communication specifications Signal channels 1 The maximum communication distance is 1000m, depending on the environment: the higher the communication rate, the shorter the distance. For example, when 38400bps, the communication distance is recommended to be 300m, and the maximum communication rate is 38400bps. For long communication distance, the baud rate should be appropriately reduced. The maximum communication load can achieve 80 loads. Common power supply bus communication. Controller remote control specifications Signal type Infrared remote control signal channels 1 Remote control distance 8 meters 4. System reference standard Electromagnetic compatibility: GB/T17626.4-1998 Constant humidity and heat: GB/T2423.3-1993 Low temperature standard: GB/T2423.1-2001 High temperature standard: GB/T2423.2-2001 Vibration standard: GB/T2423.10-1995 More clicks: Electric gate valve
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