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Valve electric device manufacturers

by:Sino Valves     2021-03-20
The valve factory is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the production of valve electric devices integrating Ru0026D, production and sales. Its customers include brand equipment manufacturers, valve manufacturers, channels, etc., including the world's top 500. Professional production QT, QT , QB, DKJ, DKZ, DZW, DQW, 802, LT and other series of valve electric devices, specializing in the production and supply of intelligent, angular, linear, and linear intelligent electric actuators. Good market reputation; intelligent electric actuators with multi-turn electric actuators Series products, professional sales and technical service team! Valve electric device manufacturers, boutique casting, brand enterprises, welcome to consult. Specializing in the production of valve electric devices, with more complete models. The price is more reasonable, and it is widely used in metallurgical industry projects. Specializing in the production of electronic electric actuators, linear electric actuators, many achievements, good quality, preferential prices, ten years of history, deeply User praise. Specializing in the production of electric devices, electric explosion-proof devices, regulating valve electric devices and other products, for inquiries or if you need the company's product selection information and technical guidance, please call: 021-64162222. Electric actuators are also called electric actuators. It is a driving device that can provide linear or rotary motion, it uses a certain driving energy and works under the action of a certain control signal. The valve electric device produced by our company meets the different requirements of customers. It can be used according to the user's end-of-use working conditions. Specializing in the production of valve electric devices, the quality is reliable, the price is reasonable, and the after-sales service is complete. Electric actuators, visit now to learn more products and customized solutions. The valve electric device adopts regulating type, on-off type and intelligent type, which is widely used in industrial environmental protection water treatment, high-rise building water supply and drainage, etc. to regulate the flow of media. Its advantages: 1. The flow characteristics tend to be straight, and the adjustment performance is good; 2. A variety of control signals: switch, adjustment control; 3. Easy to disassemble and repair, and can be installed at any position; 4. Simple and compact structure , Turn open and close quickly; 5. Operating torque is small, labor-saving and lightweight; 6. Adjustable control: 0-10VDC or 4-20mA; 7. Power supply voltage: AC220V, AC380V, AC24V, DC24V, AC110V;
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