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by:Sino Valves     2021-03-17
The valve factory is a world-renowned professional valve manufacturer, widely used in textiles, power stations, petrochemicals, heating and refrigeration, pharmaceuticals, shipbuilding, metallurgy, light industry, environmental protection and other fields. The main products are electric actuators, pneumatic actuators, pneumatic /Electric/Ball valve, butterfly valve, gate valve, regulating valve, solenoid valve, diaphragm valve, check valve, etc. There are various engineering plastics (PVC, PP, CPVC), stainless steel, cast iron and other valve body materials; and there are a variety of interface methods and sealing materials to choose from. There are domestic OEM production methods that use German technology, and there are also fully imported production methods based on customer needs. The sealing ring is imported, and the cylinder and motor components are imported! The valve body is domestically processed. Jiading Industrial Park is a production base, export enterprise, trustworthy quality, domestic sales price, absolute advantage. In 2018, for the better development of the company, the valve factory moved the factory as a whole to Jiading, retaining the company's sales and after-sales business. Subsequently, the company's assembly and testing line was moved to Valve, and the corresponding sales and after-sales service were also transferred to Jiading. The quality and service of the valve factory, and continuous innovation and innovation in the process of inheritance, enrich the corporate culture and technical content, our company is confident that the HQ brand will be bigger and stronger in the vast mainland of China. For more than 10 years since its establishment, the valve factory has always been adhering to the core value of 'Quality comes from professionalism, and service lies in fulfillment' to provide users with safe and reliable products and perfect solutions. In petrochemical, water conservancy engineering, municipal engineering and other fields, including the Xinjiang market, it has successfully served thousands of large industrial enterprises. The party chief said that in order to further strengthen and consolidate the corporate brand, we will unite valve distributors for common development. The valve factory specially held the brand promotion meeting of 'Gather the power of cooperation and create a win-win platform'. The first stop was held, aiming to cooperate extensively and in-depth with the sales elites working hard to create a new glory in the valve business. The valve factory's sophisticated technology and strict and complete quality management system, and gather professional and technical elites and leading technology teams, make full use of new technologies, new processes, and new materials to ensure product stability and reliability. Brand supply, specifications and structure standards, complete models, well-known domestic valve manufacturers, focusing on valve production for decades, have been rated as excellent valve factory for many years, widely used in petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, power stations, energy and other applications, can provide customers Valve product model selection consulting services, answering technical problems in installation and use.
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