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Valve staff meeting was successfully held

by:Sino Valves     2021-03-15
On December 31, 2020, the general meeting was held in GreenTree Inn Hotel. On behalf of the meeting, Dang Changyin first made a work report on 'Accelerating Scientific and Technological Innovation and Promoting the High-quality Economic Development of Electric Valve IndustryDang Changyin mentioned: “2020 is a special and difficult year. However, as one of the five traditional pillar industries that have bucked the trend and achieved positive growth, the valve industry has still achieved a lot of performance.” In terms of quality development, key enterprises including Jiangsu Bell, Ouyan Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. were mentioned, and they affirmed their distinctive highlights and gratifying achievements. At the same time, Dang Changyin also pointed out the current disadvantages and shortcomings in the industry. These include: 1. The dual factors of the continued raging global new crown pneumonia epidemic and the Sino-US trade war have caused huge pressure on export-oriented enterprises in the industry. 2. Fierce market competition has intensified the shrinking of profit margins, coupled with the increase in prices of logistics, employee wages, and supply chains, companies generally feel unprofitable. 3. The government's measures to solve the difficulties in land use by enterprises are difficult to implement and have no effect. 4. A considerable part of electric valve products are still in the low-end state, and research and innovation are weak. 5. Enterprise digging and technical personnel compete to increase wages, product sales and price wars, etc. happen from time to time. The new year is approaching. Facing the unprecedented changes in the world in a century, the general manager advocates that we focus on the following aspects: 1. We must insist on increasing the intensity of Ru0026D and innovation. Make full use of the dividends of a series of 'beneficial enterprise policies' such as the policy opinions of the Municipal People's Government on comprehensively accelerating technological innovation and promoting the high-quality development of the industrial economy. 2. We must pay attention to the excavation and training of talents, science and technology rely on talents to support, and the foundation of talents depends on investment. 3. We must adhere to legal compliance and extensively carry out propaganda focusing on high-quality development and establishing a brand concept. Efforts to improve the integrity of valve companies, the satisfaction of customer service, and create a new image and new pattern of the electric valve industry. Finally, Dang Changyin encouraged entrepreneurs to let go of their hands and feet, do hard work, and make new contributions to the economic and social construction of electric valves: 'There will always be twists and turns on the road of development and advancement. As long as we are united and focused Working together, continue to carry forward the spirit of daring to be a man and not afraid of difficulties, and strive to innovate and move forward. The high-quality development of the electric valve industry will surely step onto a new level and continue to make new contributions to the economy and society!'
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