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by:Sino Valves     2021-03-11
With the rapid economic development, our country has introduced many large and medium-sized chemical equipment in recent years. Most of these imported equipment adopt European and American technology. Most of their pipeline valves adopt American ASTM, API standards, German DIN standards, and the United Kingdom. BS standards, etc. At present, there are quite a number of domestic valve factories that can produce Zigong valves of these corresponding standards. This is also the result of the continuous introduction of new technologies as the market needs. With the development and growth of 40% of the valve, my country's traditional quotation is slowly changing, getting closer and closer to the internationally accepted quotation standard. You can learn about the quotation. The past way is to quote by model: For example, our electric valves also write the mechanical (JB) standard valve model on the bill of materials. The valve factory provides products according to this standard. The traditional way to save trouble is no matter what: the engineering valve model must be , Nothing can be changed. In the past, it was often said that domestic valves had a short lifespan. In addition to manufacturing reasons, it was easy to have a relationship with supply. For example: designers have to choose a certain valve, other parts may meet the requirements, only the valve material is not suitable. The solution is very difficult, because the valve model materials are fixed and matched, so I had to use it reluctantly. As a result, due to valve seat problems, it was quickly damaged and the valve leaked or was scrapped. This kind of procurement method is no longer feasible in the world, because the buyer only provides various parameter requirements and manufacturing standards of the valve, and you (the valve manufacturer’s person) decide whether the valves in your factory meet its technical requirements in all aspects. For the factories that are still stuck in the above-mentioned traditional supply methods, we must work hard from both hardware and software. On the one hand, we must make our products not limited to the standard products of the Machinery Department (JB), and step up technological transformation to make it possible Make valves with various standards, such as the American API standard, German DIN and other standards, and can meet the buyer’s requirements from technical documents to product samples. Of course, as we all know, the inspection standards for export products are different from the domestic product inspection standards. Therefore, to reach this level, the technology has to go to a higher level. Our country has successively issued some national standards for valves, such as: GB/T12252-89 passed the valve supply requirements GB/T13927-92 passed the valve pressure test And so on, some of these standards are compiled by referring to or equivalently adopting the relevant standards of the international standard IS0, and some standards are compiled by themselves. They are neither equivalent nor equivalent, and they are quite different from some foreign standards. The standards are not the same. However, the products will be quoted according to the national standard (GB) or industry standards. The Zigong valves produced by some valve factories in the domestic market and many other types of valves are mostly in accordance with the American API standards, German DIN, The British BS standard provides products for quotation. On the one hand, it is the result of the continuous introduction of new technologies as the market needs.
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