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What are the common faults of the blowdown valve

by:Sino Valves     2021-03-05
What are the common faults of the blowdown valve? Answer: The common faults of the blowdown valve are: (1) leakage at the packing; (2) leakage at the contact surface between the valve core and the valve seat; (3) the handwheel is not flexible, ( 4) Leakage between valve body and bonnet flange; (5) The gate cannot be opened. The causes of the above-mentioned faults and their troubleshooting methods are shown in the following table. Common faults of the blowdown valve and their troubleshooting methods. The cause of the fault is eliminated. Leakage at the packing (1) The packing gland is skewed or not compacted (2) The packing is too hard to fail (1) Adjust and tighten the packing gland (2) ) The contact surface of the replacement packing valve core and the valve seat is leaking (1) There is dirt between the contact surface (2) The contact surface is worn (1) Dirt removal (2) Grinding the contact surface, the handwheel does not rotate flexibly (1) Packing Excessive pressure, over-tightening (2) Rust on the surface of the stem (3) Wear of the square head on the upper end of the stem (1) Appropriately reduce or loosen the packing (2) Remove surface rust (3) Reweld and repair the square head valve Leakage between the body and the bonnet flange (1) The flange screws are not tight (2) The gasket between the flanges is damaged (3) There is dirt between the flanges (1) The flange screws are evenly tightened (2) Replacement method Blue gasket (3) Eliminate dirt and the gate cannot be opened (1) Corrosion and damage of the gate piece (2) Damage to the stem nut thread (1) Repair or replace the gate piece (2) Replace the stem nut
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