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What are the common faults of the steam valve? How to eliminate?

by:Sino Valves     2021-03-06
Answer: The common faults of steam valves include: (1) leakage of valve core and valve seat contact surface; (2) leakage at the packing root; (3) leakage of valve body and valve cover contact surface; (4) valve stem Inflexible rotation. The causes of the above-mentioned faults and their troubleshooting methods are shown in the table: Fault causes and troubleshooting methods The contact surface of the valve core and the valve seat is leaking (1) Dirt is trapped in the contact surface (2) The contact surface is worn (1) Dirt removal (2) Grinding contact Leakage at the face packing (1) Packing cover is not tightly pressed (2) Packing is insufficient or (1) Tighten the disc pressing cover (2) Add or replace the packing valve body and the valve cover contact surface leakage ( 1) The bonnet is not pressed tightly (2) There is dirt between the contact surfaces or the gasket is damaged (1) Tighten the bonnet (2) Eliminate dirt between the contact surfaces or replace the gasket, the stem is not flexible (1) Packing pressure Too much, too tight (2) Damage to the valve stem or screw on the valve cover (3) The valve stem is bent or rusted (4) The stem thread is lack of oil or is caught by dirt (1) Appropriately reduce or loosen the packing (2) Repair the valve stem or screw of the valve cover (3) Repair or replace the valve stem (4) Add lubricating oil or remove dirt
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