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What are the more common electric valves in chemical companies

by:Sino Valves     2021-03-04
In recent years, with the rapid development of my country's chemical industry, electric valves for conveying corrosive media are widely used in chemical production, and they have attracted more and more attention and use. According to data, the trading information of electric valves in 2013 has increased significantly compared with last year, and the number of inquiries from businesses on electric valves has also increased. According to statistics, among these inquirers, there has been an increase in the number of electric valve, electric gate valves, electric globe valves and The check valve has the most interrogations. Let's briefly describe these kinds of valves below. 1. The working principle of electric ball valve is to make the valve unblocked or blocked by rotating the valve. The electric ball valve is small in size, can be made into a large diameter, has a reliable seal, simple structure, easy maintenance, and the sealing surface and the spherical surface are often in a closed state, which is not easy to be eroded by the medium. It is widely used in the chemical industry. There are several types of electric ball valves, one is floating ball type, fixed ball type and threaded piece type.  2, electric gate valve is also called gate valve, this kind of valve is commonly used in chemical enterprises. Its closing principle is that the sealing surface of the gate and the sealing surface of the valve seat are highly bright, flat and divergent, and they are mutually attached, which can prevent corrosive media from flowing through and rely on the top mold, spring or the mold shape of the gate to strengthen the sealing effect. It mainly cuts off in the pipeline. The advantages of the electric gate valve are: small fluid resistance, easy opening and closing, can be used in the condition of two-way movement of the medium, there is no directionality, the sealing surface is not easy to be eroded when fully opened, the structure length is short, not only suitable for small valves, but also suitable Make the valve bigger. Electric gate valves are divided into two types according to the thread of the valve stem. According to the gate structure, there are two types, one is parallel, and the other is form. 3. Electric shut-off valve, also called cut-off valve, is also a valve that is widely used in the chemical industry. The reason why it is widely favored is that the friction between the sealing surfaces during the opening and closing process is small, which is relatively durable and the opening height is not large. It is easy to manufacture and convenient to maintain. It is not only suitable for medium and low pressure, but also suitable for high pressure. Its closing principle is that relying on the pressure of the valve stem, the sealing surface of the disc and the sealing surface of the valve seat are tightly fitted to prevent the medium from flowing. The shut-off valve only allows the medium to move in one direction, and the device has directionality. Its structural length is longer than that of the gate valve, while the fluid resistance is large, and the sealing reliability is not strong during long-term operation. There are three types of globe valves: straight-through, right-angle and direct-flow oblique globe valves.  4. The electric check valve is a valve that automatically opens and closes on the strength of the fluid itself. Its function is to prevent the medium from flowing back. It has many titles, such as check valve, one-way valve, one-flow gate and so on. According to the structure can be divided into two categories.  (1) Electric swing check valve: The valve disc rotates around the pin outside the seat. This type of valve has single, double and multiple valves, but the principle is the same. The suction bottom valve is a deformation of the check valve. Its structure is the same as the above two types of stop valves, except that its lower end is open to allow water to enter.   (2) Electric lift check valve: The disc moves along the vertical centerline of the valve body. There are two types of this kind of check valve: one is horizontal, which is installed in the horizontal pipeline, the shape of the valve body is similar to the stop valve, and the other is the vertical type, which is installed in the vertical pipeline. In addition to these two types of large amounts, there are electric disc check valves, H71W wafer check valves and so on. The above types of valves are summarized based on the amount of use by customers in the chemical industry.
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