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What are the types of steam valves?

by:Sino Valves     2021-02-24
Answer: The steam outlet of the boiler and the steam pipeline are equipped with steam valves. Commonly used steam valves are gate valve and stop valve. (1) Gate valve, also called gate valve or gate valve, as shown in Figure 77. The transmission mode of the valve is except for the handwheel. It can also be driven by spur gear or bevel gear. The advantage of the gate valve is that the steam flow direction is straight, the flow resistance is small, the switch is more flexible and labor-saving. The disadvantage is that the structure is more complicated, the outer dimension is large, and the sealing surface of the valve is easily scratched. (2) Globe valves, also called spherical valves, generally have three types: straight-through [Figure 78(B)], angle type [Figure 78(A)] and direct-flow type. The valve transmission mode is mostly handwheel. When the handwheel on the valve stem is turned, the valve stem can drive the valve core to move up and down to open or close the steam passage. The advantages of the globe valve are simple structure and good sealing performance. The disadvantage is that the 'S' shape in the direction of steam flow has large flow resistance. The function of the steam valve is to open or close the passage of the steam pipe; the other is to adjust the steam flow rate.
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