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What does the valve do? How is it classified?

by:Sino Valves     2021-03-20
p {text-indent: 2em;} Valve is one of the pipeline accessories, also called valve parts. It can connect or cut off the medium in each section of the pipeline, adjust the flow and pressure of the pipeline, change the flow direction of the medium, and adjust the liquid level. In the construction of long-distance oil pipelines, valves are indispensable equipment in oil transmission stations and lines. The main valve chamber of oil transmission stations is composed of valves and manifolds. There are many ways to classify valves, according to their work use: 1. Shut-off valve. Used to cut off or connect pipeline media, globe valves, gate valves, ball valves, etc. belong to this category. 2. Check valve. Used to prevent the medium from flowing back. 3. Regulating valve. Used to adjust the pressure and flow rate of the medium. 4. Distribution valve. It is used to change the direction of medium flow and play the role of distributing medium, such as distribution valve and three-way cock. 5. Safety valve. Used to discharge excess media to prevent the pressure from exceeding the specified value, such as safety valves, accident valves, etc. There are also some special purpose valves, such as choke drain valve (trap), air defense method, sewage valve, etc. According to the operation method, there are: 1. Manual valve. Manually operated valves with the help of hand wheels, handles, levers or sprockets. 2. Electric valve. A valve that uses an electric motor or other electric oil to maintain the longitudinal direction. 3. Hydraulic or pneumatic valve. Valves operated by liquid (water, oil) or compressed air. According to the nominal pressure (namely the nominal pressure of the valve): 1. Vacuum valve. That is, the valve with absolute pressure u003c1 kg/cm2 (that is, 760 mmHg). 2. Low pressure valve. That is, valves with nominal pressure Pg≤16 kg/cm2. 3. Medium pressure valve. That is, valves with a nominal pressure of Pg25~64kg/cm2' (including steel valves with Pgl6kg/cm). 4. High pressure valve. That is, valves with nominal pressure Pg≥800 kg/cm2. 5. Ultra high pressure valve. That is, valves with nominal pressure Pg ≥ 1000 kg cm2. In the sleeve pipeline, there are gate valves (including manual and pneumatic), stop valves, check valves and hydraulic ball valves for connecting and cutting off the medium, and there are safety valves for adjusting the flow rate and pressure of the pipeline. Spring type or lever type) pressure reducing valve, regulating valve; choke drain valve (trap) to remove steam condensate, etc.
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