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What is the future development prospect of electric knife gate valve

by:Sino Valves     2021-03-14
What is the long-term prospect of the electric knife gate valve industry? The long-term prospects of the electric knife gate valve industry nowadays are great. The application of electric knife gate valves in a variety of fields has been recognized by wide users and equally praised. The support of customers continues to promote the innovation and satisfaction of knife gate valve products. Knife gate valve is one of the most common types of gate valves. It has advantages such as small space required for installation, low working pressure, not easy to form stored debris and dust, and low cost. It is widely used in national mining, Used in steel to deal with coal, filter slag, etc., used in mud, wastewater, sludge, and water with some suspended matter as a cleaning device, in the paper industry, used to deal with the confusion of pulp and material water, and at the same time in power stations It is also used in ash removal. At the same time, it is accompanied by the steady and continuous growth of the state-owned economy, the recovery of the world economy, the rapid growth of national commerce, and the integration of my country's electric valve products into the international valve market. This will give you the opportunity to get closer and closer to the advanced skills of the world. Many favorable factors will be useful to promote my country's valve market, especially the continuous progress and growth of the knife gate valve manufacturing industry, and its long-term prospects in the future are also obvious. Then, under this opportunity, how can electric valve companies better seize this opportunity: First, the scope of enterprises is expanded, and the unity between enterprises is one aspect. Through the unity of enterprises, the product layout and skill exchange will make both sides Outstanding advantages can roughly complement each other to form a corporate group model. Secondly, to improve the diversified market in sales, mediate the sales strategy, improve the sales channels, expand the international market, obtain greater profits in export volume, and integrate into the industry of the international market. This will be a very tight catalytic condition! Advantages of electric knife gate valve manufacturers: 1. Rapid opening and closing, reliable balance and high degree of automation. 2. Installation height and position are not restricted. 3. It adopts explosion-proof electric device, which can work normally in flammable, explosive and even poisonous gas environment. 4. Equipped with manual, in case the power supply is interrupted, you can manually open or close the valve to effectively control the medium and prevent accidents. 5. Electric knife gate valve connection forms include wafer type, flange lug type, metal-to-metal hard seal, metal-to-polyurethane, and reinforced polytetrafluoroethylene soft seal. 6. Applicable medium: gold ore powder, tailings, paper pulp, wood pulp, fiber, dust, chemical treatment sewage, sedimentation tank, ore, slag, coal slime, asphalt, silo export, fruit, grain, cement slurry, slaughter Factory wastewater, etc.
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