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What is the future prospect of the ball valve

by:Sino Valves     2021-02-23
In terms of its characteristics, ball valves have incomparable advantages over ordinary valve bodies. From a technical point of view, ball valves have full bore, large flow, low flow resistance, and convenient switching. Its technical indicators have gradually developed from low pressure and normal temperature to high pressure and high temperature. , Gradually replacing gate valves, globe valves and other valves with limited functions. In particular, the increase in gas-solid and liquid-solid two-phase flow media has promoted the wide range of applications of ball valves. In the past 10 years, high-temperature, high-pressure, wear-resistant, and erosion-resistant ball valves have developed rapidly and have extensive development potential. At the current stage, they have fully emerged. The further implementation of the 'Eleventh Five-Year' plan, the construction of a number of large-scale national engineering projects, and the West-East Gas Pipeline Project have driven the rapid development of the pump and valve industry, especially the localization of high-end pump and valve products. Domestic pump and valve companies will present new opportunities and challenges. Among them, the metal-sealed ball valve has been used as a high-end technology product, pouring into the hot market of ball valves. After years of continuous development, our country has entered an accelerated period of industrialization development, and will continue to adjust the industrial structure during the development process to meet the needs of equipment manufacturing equipment for related supporting products. This article focuses on the basic principles of ball valves, especially the advantages of direct-buried fully welded ball valves, and expounds the good development prospects of direct-buried ball valves and metal-sealed ball valves.
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