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What is the role of the blowdown valve?

by:Sino Valves     2021-03-19
What is the function of the blowdown valve? Answer: The blowdown valve has two functions: one is to discharge the scale and sludge accumulated in the boiler; the other is to discharge residual water when the boiler is full of water or when the boiler is shut down for cleaning. Common blowdown valves are two types: plug blowdown valve and gate blowdown valve. (1) The plug type blowdown valve (also called blowdown cock) is mainly composed of a plug body and a plug rod, as shown in Figure 80. The plug body is equipped with a conical plug rod with a large upper and a small bottom, and an oblong pair of perforations is opened on the plug rod. Rotate the square head on the top of the plug rod by 90° when discharging pollutants so that the plug hole is aligned with the inlet and outlet passages, and the boiler water can be discharged; if the plug rod is rotated another 90°, the passage can be closed. This kind of valve has simple structure and convenient operation, but the sealing surface is easy to wear, and it is only suitable for the sewage pipeline of the low pressure boiler. (2) Common gate-type blowdown valves are as follows: ① Quick-open rack-type gate blowdown valve: mainly composed of valve body, round valve core (gate), spring, rack and pinion, as shown in the figure 81 shown. The circular valve core of this valve maintains its tightness with the valve seat by the reaction force of the spring in the middle. The upper part of the circular valve core is connected with the rack-shaped valve stem, and the rack-shaped valve stem is connected with the pinion. When the handle on the pinion gear is turned, the pinion gear drives the valve skewer to move up and down, and the gate can be opened or closed. ② Quick-open swing gate drain valve: mainly composed of valve body, gate, rotating shaft and handle, as shown in Figure 82. The gate consists of two valve plates, which are compressed by a spring in the middle to keep tightly with the valve seat. When the handle is turned, the gate can swing around the axis of rotation, and the valve can be opened or closed. ③ Slow-opening closed-door blowdown valve: This valve is similar to the rack gate blowdown valve, except that the rack and pinion on the valve stem are removed, the valve stem is threaded, and the handwheel is installed. Its structure is shown in Figure 83. Since the hand wheel of this valve needs to be turned many times to open and close the door, the action is relatively slow. ④ Slow-opening oblique spherical sewage valve: its structure is shown in Figure 84. The valve body is in the shape of 'ySome have a small hand wheel in the middle to turn the valve core to make it close tightly.
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