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What issues should be considered when choosing a trap

by:Sino Valves     2021-11-20



  What issues should be considered when selecting a drain valve

   The nominal pressure, nominal diameter, maximum allowable pressure, maximum allowable temperature, and maximum of the drain valve The working pressure, the highest working pressure, the lowest working pressure, the highest back pressure rate, the condensate discharge rate, etc. should meet the working conditions of the steam pipe network. When selecting a steam trap, it should also be considered that 'the additional drainage of the trap is equal to the amount of condensate produced by the steam operating equipment multiplied by the selection ratio.'

   Confirm the pressure difference between the inlet and outlet of the steam trap according to the actual operating conditions. The inlet pressure of the steam trap refers to the lowest working pressure at the inlet of the valve; the outlet pressure of the trap is the highest possible working pressure after the valve. , The pressure is multiplied by the correction coefficient, and a certain type of trap is selected according to the drainage volume of the trap.

There are many varieties of    drain valves, and their structural principles are different, so different structural methods should be selected according to different applications.

   The occasions that require immediate removal of condensed water, such as steam turbines, steam pumps, steam main lines, etc., should not use traps with supercooling, such as pulse traps and thermostatic bellows traps valve.

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