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What problems should be paid attention to when installing and using the sewage valve?

by:Sino Valves     2021-03-04
What problems should be paid attention to when installing and using the blowdown valve? Answer: When installing and using the blowdown valve, pay attention to the following issues: (1) For boilers with evaporation capacity ≥ 1 ton/hour and working pressure ≥ 8 kg/cm2, each drain pipe There should be two drain valves connected in series (one is a slow-opening valve and the other is a quick-opening valve). As shown in Figure 85. This can increase reliability and ensure the safety of the blowdown valve. (2) The cut-off valve with tortuous passage cannot be used as a drain valve, so as to avoid being blocked by mud or the valve core is not tightly closed and leaking. (3) Generally, the diameter of the blowdown valve is 20~65 mm. If the diameter is too large, the impact force of soda and water during sewage discharge is large, which is prone to accidents; if the diameter is too small, it is easy to be blocked by mud. For horizontal fire tube boilers where the boiler is directly washed by fire, the diameter of the blowdown valve should not be less than 40 mm. (4) The elbow connecting the sewage pipe and the boiler should be steel elbow, not cast iron elbow. The sewage pipe is connected with the drum or the header, and the end of the pipe shall not exceed the inner wall, so as not to affect the sewage discharge. (5) The sewage pipe should be connected to a safe place outside the boiler room, and a gap should be left where it passes through the wall to facilitate the expansion and extension of the sewage pipe while preventing water accumulation in the location of the sewage pipe of the installation to avoid corrosion. (6) Boilers operating in parallel. Each boiler should have an independent sewage pipe. If the blowdown pipes of several boilers are installed on the same general blowdown pipe, no valve shall be installed on the general blowdown pipe to ensure safety. (7) When the blowdown valve is used in boiler operation, the blowdown valve cannot be opened and closed by the method of lengthening the handle or hammering.
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