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What problems should be paid attention to when installing the valve?

by:Sino Valves     2021-03-24
Answer: Pay attention to the following issues when installing the valve: (1) Direction: Generally, there are signs on the valve body of the valve, and the direction indicated by the arrow is the direction in which the medium flows forward. Special attention must be paid to not install it backwards. Because there are many kinds of valves that require the medium to flow in one direction, such as safety valves, pressure reducing valves, check valves, flow valves, throttle valves, etc. In order to facilitate opening and maintenance, the shut-off valve also requires the medium to pass through the valve seat from bottom to top. (2) Installation location: It is necessary to focus on long-term operation and maintenance, make operation and maintenance as convenient as possible, and also consider the aesthetic appearance of the assembly. The valve hand wheel should not be downward to avoid face-up operation; the hand wheel of the landing valve should face upward and should not be slanted; if the process permits, the valve hand wheel should be chest-high and most suitable for opening and closing. Do not install the open-stem gate valve underground. To prevent corrosion. Some valves have special requirements for the installation position. For example, the pressure reducing valve must be installed upright on a horizontal pipeline without tilting. The lift check valve requires the valve disc to be vertical; the swing check valve requires the pin shaft to be horizontal and the floating bucket type drain Both the heat trap and the thermodynamic trap are required to be installed upright and not inclined too much. In short, the installation position of the valve must be determined according to the working principle of the valve, otherwise the valve will not work effectively or will not work. (3) Others: under construction. The following points should also be noted for various valves: check the specifications and models, identify whether there is damage, remove the port cover and the debris in the valve, and check the degree of sealing; valves made of brittle materials (such as cast iron) must not be impacted by heavy objects. When the valve is lifted, the rope cannot be tied to the handwheel or the valve stem to avoid damage; when installing a threaded valve, do not squeeze the hemp used as a filler into the valve; when installing a flanged valve, the end faces between the flanges should be parallel , Do not use double pads. When tightening the bolts, you must symmetrically enter the standard with even force.
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