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What to do if the electric gate valve cannot be opened and how to control it

by:Sino Valves     2021-03-01
Some customers often encounter the electric gate valve cannot be opened in the process of on-site use, how to solve it, and what to do? On the rusty rotating part of the electric gate valve, use the afterburner to make a tentative rotation and close it in the opposite direction. After spraying the rust remover several times and repeating it several times, if the heavily rusted flat gate valve really cannot be opened, it is recommended to replace it with a new one! Question 1: My device is shut down and I am preparing to open the DN300 gate valve, but the hand wheel does not move. Normally, our electric valve is closed and not used. It is only opened when work is stopped. Countermeasures: This is completely unopened for too long, and the medium contains a certain amount of corrosive impurities. If it is not frequently opened, the gate is completely blocked and must be opened. Do not move. Filter impurities, regular maintenance, including the top screw should be filled with grease or lubricating oil, if it does not affect the production, it can be turned on and off regularly, and the impurities deposited in the valve cavity are driven by the flow of the medium. This is too corrosive. The selection and material selection are wrong. If the selection is correct, even if you do not open it, it will not be like this: Question 2: The electric valve can be closed but cannot be opened. Why do we use electric valves for measuring water pumps, more commonly used Less, when I used it today, I found that it can be closed but cannot be opened after power-on. Manual is no problem. Countermeasure: depends on the medium you are walking, and whether the power of the electric head is low. Problem 3: The electric gate valve is stuck in a low temperature state Reasons for staying: 1. During installation, the gate valve and the pipeline are unreasonably configured to produce prestress, or the cold compensation ability of the pipeline is poor, the valve position is changed at low temperature, or the valve is improperly fixed, and the cold box is deformed at low temperature. Affect the concentricity of the valve stem and the valve body. 2. In the design, because the material of the valve stem and the valve sleeve are different, the linear expansion coefficient is different. Under normal circumstances, the linear expansion coefficient of stainless steel is 1.73×10-6℃-1; the valve sleeve is brass, and the linear expansion coefficient is 19.9×10-6℃-1, that is, the shrinkage of brass is larger than that of stainless steel. The thread bites. Especially when the dark rod structure and fine thread are adopted, the temperature change range of the thread is large, the thread gap is small, and the phenomenon of seizure is more likely to occur. 3. During operation, due to incomplete heating of the valve, or water in the valve packing, freezing at low temperature, or closing the valve too tightly at room temperature, causing the thread to bite. Countermeasures:  In order to prevent the occurrence of valve jamming, the design should adopt the exposed rod structure and coarse-tooth trapezoidal thread; there should be a firm bracket at the valve during installation to prevent the valve from being bent with the displacement of the pipeline. . The valve and the cold box can be fixed by elastic connection to prevent the valve stem from deforming and being out of concentricity with the valve body; during the bare cold period, check and adjust the valve installation in the cold state, when the valve is found to be stuck after cooling , The fixed flange of the valve on the shell can be adjusted to make it switch freely. Question 4: The valve is corroded and blocked, and it is not tight. What should I do? The site environment is bad, and the valve is often rusted and blocked. What should I do if the switch is not tight in an emergency? Countermeasure: Add a casing to the wrench. Before using the casing, the horny foreigner exerts his full strength and the valve does not move. After using the casing, the lever principle is up, and the valve is immediately soft. Problem 5: The gate valve is closed tightly. The spanner sends the gland screw of the valve stem one free; 2. Spread some butter on the screw rod of the valve stem to increase lubrication. How to switch the electric gate valve. The closing time of the electric head of the electric gate valve does not exceed 30S. What is the effect of the open closing time? The switching time of the electric gate valve? How to control the electric gate valve and how to control it? Change to the left is to close, change to the right to open the valve, pay attention to the arrow mark on the valve. The switching time of the electric head of the electric gate valve is determined by the speed, pitch, and forming method according to user requirements; under the same torque requirement, the faster the speed, the shorter the forming time, the larger the pitch, the shorter the opening and closing time, the greater the power, and the natural price The more expensive. If the customer has no requirement for the switching time of the electric gate valve, we can find a low-speed, low-power, and inexpensive solenoid head under the condition of satisfying the torque.
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