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When can high-performance electric butterfly valves not rely on imports

by:Sino Valves     2021-03-03
The process of urbanization in my country has led to large-scale infrastructure construction across the country. A large number of water supply and drainage projects, especially sewage treatment projects, have a large scale. The water treatment equipment manufacturing industry including pipes and valves has formed a strong water industry. Butterfly valve products should also change their performance and parameters according to the changes in the equipment application field. The current urban construction system has gradually shifted from low-pressure iron gate valves used in the past to environmentally friendly rubber plate valves, balance valves, metal sealing butterfly valves and sealing butterfly valves. In addition, as my country's energy construction and development have increased, my country has now become the country with the most ultra-supercritical units in the world. The development of large-scale power station construction requires the use of large-caliber, high-pressure safety valves and pressure reducing valves, as well as fast opening and closing valves. Therefore, steam traps must be developed and subcritical and supercritical with high parameters. Metallurgical equipment manufacturing also requires a large number of high temperature and high pressure valve devices. All these provide a good opportunity for the development of my country's valve industry to move towards high-end. It can be seen that during the 'Twelfth Five-Year Plan' period, my country's valve market demand and industry development potential are huge.   At present, the number of valve companies in China ranks first in the world. There are more than 6,000 large and small valve companies, of which there are about 900 valve companies with an annual output value of more than 5 million yuan. Judging from the product situation, my country’s valve industry can now produce more than a dozen categories of products, such as gate valves, globe valves, ball valves, butterfly valves, safety valves, check valves, throttle valves, stopcock valves, pressure reducing valves, diaphragm valves, For traps, emergency shut-off valves, etc., the highest operating temperature reaches 570℃, the lowest operating temperature is -196℃, the highest pressure is 600 MPa, and the maximum diameter reaches 5350 mm. According to relevant statistics, the annual turnover of China's valve market is as high as 50 billion yuan, but more than 10 billion yuan of the market is occupied by foreign valve companies, especially the high temperature, high pressure and other key installation valves mainly rely on imports.   How can my country's valve industry get rid of the situation that high-performance butterfly valves of key devices such as high temperature and high pressure mainly rely on imports? The reporter learned that although my country's valve market 'cake' is large, the market competition is very fierce. Since the valve is a product with a very low profit margin, although the valve market price rises and falls every year, the range is very small and generally stable. The valve manufacturers basically follow the valve industry reference price compiled by the China General Valve Industry Association. Pricing. Due to the fierce market competition, some valve manufacturers are still implementing the 1996 prices to win users; some manufacturers are choosing raw materials for castings and forgings, considering the cost, and prefer to use the blanks from small and medium steel plants instead of using them. High-quality steel billets from large steel mills lead to low-quality products. At present, the leading products of my country's pneumatic butterfly valve companies are still low-quality ordinary products. Moreover, various valves produced by domestic enterprises generally have shortcomings such as external leakage, internal leakage, low appearance quality, short life, inflexible operation, and unreliable valve electric and pneumatic devices. Some products are only equivalent to the 1980s. The initial international level. In addition, my country's valve industry has a large gap with foreign companies in terms of industrial structure and industry specialization.   Because of such a large gap, it is no wonder that more than 10% of the valve industry in my country will be occupied by foreign companies. Relevant persons from the Valve Branch of China General Machinery Industry Association believe that to change this status quo, improving valve quality is the key.
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