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Where is the electric valve device used? What are the advantages

by:Sino Valves     2021-03-25
What is an electric valve device? Perhaps everyone knows the solenoid valve device. Although it is only a word difference, there is still a certain difference in function between the two. And the solenoid valve device is mainly used in conjunction with intelligence, but where is the electric valve device used? What are its advantages? These questions will be answered by the valve factory one by one. Why does the electric water monitor use electric valve instead of solenoid valve device? On the one hand, because the solenoid valve device is suitable for use in smaller-caliber pipes, while the electric valve is suitable for installation in larger-caliber pipes. The pipe diameter of the electronically controlled water monitor is DN65, which is larger than that of the smart water monitor. Some, at this time, it is more appropriate to naturally choose electric valves. Another reason is that the solenoid valve device only has two functions of on-off valve and cannot adjust the water flow. The spraying method of the electronically controlled water cannon is not only columnar, but also mist spraying. Since there are two spraying methods, it is natural The water flow in the pipeline needs to be able to adjust the flow rate with the change of the spray mode. This feature can be realized by the electric valve, because in addition to the on-off valve, the electric valve can also realize the half-open and half-close operation of the valve to achieve the control flow at a time size. In fact, this is just like watering with a hose in the garden. When watering directly, it is columnar, but when you block the water outlet halfway with your fingers, you will find that the water column becomes a spray, and the spray range is even greater. Broader. It can also be seen that the advantages of the electric valve device are diversified control methods, suitable for larger diameter pipelines, stable control, etc. As for the service life and solenoid valve device, it depends on the material used.
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