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Why forged steel high pressure electric ball valve can cause fluctuations in the valve industry

by:Sino Valves     2021-11-11
Why can forged steel high-pressure ball valves cause fluctuations in the valve industry? Traditional forged steel electric ball valve manufacturers have been in a relatively flat period in the development of the previous few years. In terms of production process, the manufacturing technology of forged steel ball valves is somewhat lagging behind that of stainless steel ball valves. In overseas output, the annual output of forged steel ball valves in China is 300 million U.S. dollars, while stainless steel ball valves can be as high as 5 Billions of dollars. Forged steel electric ball valves are divided into low-pressure forged steel electric ball valves and high-pressure forged steel electric ball valves. The high-pressure forged steel electric ball valve is based on the needs of users, in order to meet the requirements of cracking in vulcanization applications, this series of high-pressure forged steel balls are strictly in accordance with the United States in terms of design, material selection, manufacturing, testing, surface treatment and painting. Corrosion engineers will conduct NACE standards. The series electric ball valve not only has a wide selection of materials, but also the inner parts are made of nickel-plated 316 on the surface, and the sealing ring is made of special polymer materials. The valve is not only anti-corrosion, strong anti-vulcanization ability, fire-proof, anti-static, good sealing performance, wide use pressure and temperature range, full bore and reduced diameter, and can be equipped with a variety of driving devices. It is chemical and petroleum torch refining , When the stagnant medium in the valve cavity increases pressure due to temperature changes, the medium pressure pushes the valve seat away from the sphere to achieve the effect of automatic pressure relief. After the pressure is relieved, the valve seat automatically resets. It is an ideal valve choice for natural gas extraction and transportation systems. The high-quality characteristics and scope of application make the forged steel high-pressure electric ball valve occupy an important leading position in the future changes in the valve market. Professionals predict that in the next 3-5 years, forged steel electric ball valves are expected to occupy 70-80% of the market share of the traditional valve industry in 2025. New forged steel electric ball valves will continue to appear, and even lead other ball valve products at home and abroad. .
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