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Wiring diagram of electric knife gate valve

by:Sino Valves     2021-03-02
The electric knife gate valve absorbs the advantages of domestic and foreign advanced technology and structure. It is light, simple and compact, reliable in sealing performance, long service life, and has the advantages of cutting off the medium. The sealing principle is that the gate is closed to the end. The chamfered surface of the ram meets the wedge block on the valve body to make the ram close to the sealing surface to have a sealing effect, and the chamfered surface at the bottom of the ram has the function of cutting off the medium, so that the valve is not easily blocked by the medium. Its structure can be made into a hard seal or a soft seal, and it can be selected according to the customer's sealing requirements. The soft seal is that the metal compression sleeve locks the rubber sealing ring envelope in the valve seat sealing groove, so that the sealing ring will not fall off, and the rubber sealing ring can be easily replaced by removing the metal compression sleeve, which not only improves the service life of the valve, but also And also greatly save the user's cost. Equipped with a multi-turn electric actuator can realize remote microcomputer control, and can also be operated manually on site. It is equipped with a manual switch handle. In case the power supply system is terminated, the valve can be manually opened or closed to effectively control the medium and prevent accidents. The knife-type electric gate valve is made into two forms of dark rod and bright rod according to different calibers (dark rod DN50~900mm, bright rod DN50~900mm). The inside of the knife gate valve can be made into V-shaped, triangular and pentagonal channels. The V-shaped gate can be used as an adjustment control. Knife gate valve connection forms include wafer type and flange lug type, with metal-to-metal hard seal, metal-to-polyurethane, and reinforced PTFE soft seal. According to the transmission mode, the knife gate valve can be divided into: manual (handwheel, manual zipper), worm gear transmission (spur gear transmission, bevel gear transmission), pneumatic, electric, hydraulic, etc.; the knife gate valve can be divided into: Manual control, pneumatic control, electromagnetic control, analog remote computer control. The scope of application of knife gate valve The knife gate valve is suitable for coal preparation, slag discharge, urban sewage treatment, food, papermaking, medicine, petroleum, chemical and other oil, water, steam pipelines, connecting or cutting off pipelines in mining power plants Cement slurry, gold ore powder, ore, slag, coal slime, paper pulp, wood pulp, tailings, fiber, dust, chemical treatment sewage, sedimentation tank, asphalt, silo export, fruit, grain, slaughterhouse wastewater and other media . PZ973H-10 DN200 thin electric knife gate valve is also known as working environment and main technical parameters. Power supply: conventional, three-phase 380V (50Hz) special, three-phase 660V, 440V, 415V (50Hz, 60Hz); single-phase 220V, 110V (50Hz, 60Hz) working environment: ambient temperature: -20~+60℃ (special order -40~+80℃). Relative humidity: ≤95% (at 25°C). Protection type: outdoor type is used in places where there is no flammable, explosive and non-corrosive medium. There are two types of explosion-proof products, dⅠ and dⅡBT4. dⅠ is suitable for non-excavation working faces of coal mines; dⅡBT4 is used in factories, and it is suitable for explosive gas mixtures of grades ⅡA and ⅡB T1~T4. (See GB3836.1 for details) Protection grade: IP55 (IP65, IP67 for special order). Work system: 10 minutes for a short time (30 minutes for special orders). The flapper valve is also called a manual knife gate valve. The knife gate valve is a valve in which the gate and the seat are always in close contact and sealing. The principle is that there is a round opening on the gate, which is opened and closed by the gate. Make the round opening on the gate separate and coincide with the diameter. The advantage of this valve is that there is no groove in the valve body diameter, the medium will not block and block, and it has the characteristics of full-diameter flow. Its sealing structure can be divided into soft sealing and hard sealing structures. The penetrating knife gate valve has the characteristics of structure, good manufacturability, compact structure, etc. The sealing valve seat is designed with a movable structure, with abrasion and automatic compensation functions, so it has a long life. In the process of closing and opening, the valve seat and the gate keep moving closely, which makes the valve opening and closing force stable and has the characteristics of cutting off the medium.
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