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by:Sino Valves     2021-02-20
To the editor on July 26, 1997: Re \'immigration angst \'(Op-Ed, July 23)
About Deaf immigrants in Mexico: no one seems willing to ask some questions.
Why, for example, is the United States the \"savior\" of all political and economic issues in the world \"?
When did those who were so concerned about immigration start to worry about the \"poor and backward\" of the country \"?
As an immigrant, I am painfully aware of the dream of billions of people coming here.
But by allowing almost unlimited legal and illegal immigration, we guarantee that the poor here already have a place at the bottom of the economic ladder.
Stepan Barlow Glen, Michigan
In July 24, 1997, we continued to improve the quality of the text files.
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A version of the letter appeared on page 1001020 of the National edition on July 26, 1997, titled \"Salvation Army\" of the world \".
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